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Binocular vision major cause of road accidents

BINOCULAR vision is a major cause of road accidents in the country, Dr Charles Kahigi, an eye specialist at the Bukoba Regional Referral Hospital has disclosed.

He told the ‘Daily News’ in an interview that road accidents could be minimized through strict binocular vision examination by relevant authorities.

“Traffic police should cooperate with eye specialists in controlling the issuance of road licences to drivers. A driver with binocular vision cannot make right decision, especially about a vehicle coming from opposite direction,” he said.

Dr Kahigi further said most people risk contracting eye diseases due to predisposing factors, including trauma, genetic and injuries. Other factors in his list added blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma and trachoma.

“People aged 40 years and above should make regular checkup of their eye pressure. Parents, on the other hand, must ensure that they take their children to nearest health facility when they observe any abnormality on the eyes.

“Youths should also avoid random usage of spectacles without getting proper prescription from a medical expert. This could ultimately lead to total blindness,” he advised.

Elaborating, the Occultist asked people to eat more fruits and vegetables in their daily menu, saying main eye diseases in Kagera region like Conjunctivitis (bacterial, viral, chemical), Refractive errors, cataract, low vision, blind eye and eye injuries require doctor’s concern.

“Some people wait years in between for eye examinations because they don’t think of any eye problems only to find they’ve been suffering from something they were totally unaware of.

“Eye health check is very important, though often overlooked and it is unfortunate that many times people never even pay attention to their eyes’ health, unless there is an issue,” he said.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA, Bukoba

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