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Nurse suspended for professional misconduct

SUMBAWANGA Municipal Council Director, Mr Jacob Mtalitinya has suspended from service a nurse on duty, Valencine Kinyanga for misconduct.

The nurse was suspended after allegedly attacking verbally and physically a pregnant woman for delivering her baby on the floor in a maternity ward while waiting to be attended.

Mr Mtalitinya told the 'Daily News' today over the phone that Kinyanga has been suspended from duty pending investigation over the matter.

The inhumane incident occurred on Monday at a maternity ward of Mazwi Health Centre here in the municipality when Kinyanga was the nurse on duty.

Impeccable reports from the scene of incident confirmed by Mr Mtalitinya recounted that on the material time, Ms  Kinyanga who was on duty attacked the expecting  mother by  viciously slapping her on the face while uttering nasty words against the woman, blaming her for delivering her baby on the floor at the maternity ward.

Last year, the Fifth Phase Administration disbursed 500m/- which was used for the expansion and rehabilitation of the facility in a bid to improve delivery of health services.

"It is true that such immoral act occurred at the maternity ward at Mazwi Health facility. The first measure I have taken is to suspend the nurse on duty (Kinyanga) pending investigation,” explained Mtalitinya.

According to reports from the scene of incident, the pregnant woman (name withheld) reported at the health facility at around 1:00 am (Monday eve) and followed all the procedures, including reporting at the reception unit.

Witnesses of the incident who preferred anonymity told this newspaper that the nurse on duty escorted the pregnant woman to the maternity ward before leaving her unattended.

It was further narrated that shortly thereafter the pregnant woman felt severe labour pains and cried for help.

"The nurse on duty probably heard her because she rushed into the ward and told her to continue waiting before leaving .... The woman continued to experience severe labour pain before she slipped on the floor and subsequently delivered her baby,” added one of the witnesses.

It was further informed that several pregnant women who were waiting to deliver at the ward tried to calm her while shouting for help.

"The nurse on duty rushed into the ward and turned violent after seeing the mother had delivered her baby on the floor .... The nurse viciously slapped her while insulting her verbally,” noted one of the staffs who preferred anonymity.

It was further reported that the nurse on duty later helped the mother who delivered safely and her new baby born is said to be in a healthy condition.

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Author: PETI SIYAME, Sumbawanga

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