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Temesa blamed for poor services

PUBLIC vehicle drivers have lamented over substandard repair services by Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (Temesa), with the Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Ms Miriam Mmbaga forming a special committee to investigate the matter.

This was revealed when the RAS met drivers from various public departments, on Tuesday, including those in the police force and Temesa staff to discuss various challenges they (drivers) face in their daily activities.

The drivers also lamented over theft of spare parts during repairing processes, a statement which seemed to have had annoyed the RAS.  

“The drivers have said here, exposing all evils. Temesa, you have been paid lots of money for repairing vehicles, but nothing is done. You sometimes fix either fake or outdated spare parts. You should be investigated and face legal measures once proved you are guilty. There is no room for loss of government funds.”

“The government funds should be spent accordingly. The Committee will go deep, observing if the given money is worth the work done. We will know who is lying, whether drivers, transport officers or Temesa,” said the RAS.

Despite formation of the investigation committee, the drivers urged the government to regularly investigate and assess the capacity of Temesa’s technicians, saying some seemed unqualified to be professionals because they normally cause more damage instead of solving the problem.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow drivers, Mr Ramadhan Mohamed urged the regional commissioner office to acquire another place for vehicle repairing, saying Temesa seemed to have lost credibility and professionalism.

“We sometimes regret why we take vehicles to Temesa because their works are always incomplete while the government pays lots of money. Worse still, almost all technicians have an abusive language as if we, drivers, are people with no dignity in the society,” lamented Mohamed.

He further lamented that sometimes drivers have been involved in vehicle spare-parts theft and other related scandals, insisting on the government to have another vehicle repairing organ.

Temesa Regional Acting Manager, Mr Ardhiwani Jumanne, commented that the Agency faced scarcity of financial resources, which is the reason behind all the claims.

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