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NBS concludes gender index survey 2020

THE National Bureau of Statistic (NBS) has completed the first ever Tanzania Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) survey 2020, aimed at measuring gender equality at all levels in society.

This survey is expected to point out results that will help the policy makers with the rightful data on the understanding of discrimination at regional and national levels, thus help in solving policy issues that hinder equality in the country.

Tabling the survey assessment report in Dodoma, NBS Research Coordinator, Dadi Kolimba said the survey focused on social institutions in the country that impact the roles of men and women, such as a society’s norms, values, laws and attitudes that relate to gender. He noted that some 217 survey areas were involved in the study, 182 being in Tanzania Mainland and 35 in Zanzibar.

“It is worth noting that the survey was successfully completed in all the planned areas despite challenging weather conditions in some areas,” he said, adding that everything went on as per the schedule.

Mr Kolimba stated that some 4,340 households were reached in the survey, whereby a total of 8,680 individuals were interviewed, 4,340 were women and 4,340 men.

The main aim is to collect data that will help to measure understanding of people as far norms, values, laws and traditions that can lead to lack of gender equality or discrimination at different sector in the society like education, health, employment, ownership of resources and business, among others, explained Kolimba.

The coordinator also mentioned other targets as enabling policy makers to have the right data that will show the quality of legal services and plans for women rights’ protection and improve gender equality.

It also targets to help in preparation for data base that identifies elements of discrimination in the legal system, traditions and norms in the country.

He said such a survey has been undertaken in other countries of Burkina Faso and Uganda, noting that in Tanzania, it will help assessment on decision making at household level, decision to marry or be married, ownership of resources by widows, gender-based violence and female genital mutilation.

Kolimba explained the next step is to process the statistics in effort to get the official information for follow up by other relevant authorities and programmes like “Make Every Woman and Girl Count”, among others.

The NBS official said the findings of the survey will help increase the rate of continued development in the country, the development that will be proved by evaluation on the implementation of different plans at different levels from nationwide, regionally and internationally.

He named other programmes as the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, African Development Agenda 2063 and National Development Vision 2025.

The survey, he said, has been undertaken by NBS in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Government Statistician (OCGS) Zanzibar, UN Women and the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation Development (OECD).

THE British High Commissioner to Tanzania ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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