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Time for full business, JPM shows direction

HARDLY a week Tanzania has hosted two high profile leaders visiting the country and showing their readiness to work, cooperate and cement relations for the sake of Tanzanians and their countries.

Their visit for instance, China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had to say: “China will never forget that Tanzania was the first African country that President Xi Jinping visited after he took office as the Chinese president in 2013.

During that visit, Xi proposed the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith and the approach of upholding the values of friendship, justice and shared interests that are now the guiding principle of China when dealing with its relations with Africa.”

In their discussion with his host, President John Magufuli, it was noted that Tanzania is ready to deepen cooperation with China, expand exports to China and attract more Chinese investment while also becoming the gateway for Chinese enterprises to explore the eastern and southern African markets and join hands with China to usher in a new era of common development between the two countries.

The other visitor, Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi in their talk with President Magufuli agreed to intensify security and economies of the two countries, as well as those of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member states, the main focus being improving the livelihoods of people.

“During a tete-a-tete we had enough time to discuss the challenges facing our people in the two countries as well as all SADC member states, the main focus being on building stronger economies,” said Mr Nyusi, who doubles as the incumbent SADC Chairman.

The Mozambican leader told journalists further that apart from security and economy, the two Heads of State had another time to discuss how they can improve transport and infrastructure, which he said were key for people-centred development.

He further took time to remind Tanzanians and the people of Mozambique to further strengthen bilateral diplomatic, social and political relations that were initiated by the founding fathers of the two nations---Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Eduardo Mondlane.

With statistics from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) showing that bilateral trade on exports between the two countries has increased from 76.4bn/- in 2018 to 93.5bn/- in 2019, this is explicit in itself for both countries’ traders to think business and economic growth.

The above background dovetails to a call to Tanzanians to exploit the opportunities created by the government and friends of Tanzania to do legal business and export their products to the countries and also invest in the countries, which consider Dar es Salaam home, despite geographically being located far away.

OVER the weekend in Urambo District-Tabora Region, NMB ...

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