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Vet land surveying companies before tender awards

THE government has directed all local government councils to vet land surveying companies before awarding them tenders.

Speaking recently, Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Angelina Mabula said it was necessary to ascertain their competence.

Vetting, according to Dr Mabula, seeks to ascertain if the companies applying for tenders are qualified for implementing efficiently the projects awarded to them.

“It is unfortunate that we’ve awarded some firms, but their competence is questionable,” explained Dr Mabula at the weekend.

The deputy minister blamed councils for lack of a clear vetting system that would enable them to get qualified companies to implement development projects in the country.

She said that from now onwards incompetent firms would be referred to the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to find out how they won their tenders.

“This will bring to light how they won their tenders and see whether they can be held accountable for failing us,” she insisted. Meanwhile, Dr Mabula directed all councils in the region to ensure they cleared their tax arrears.

“Reports show that as of December 2020, there were notorious debtors indebted more than 7bn/-, while only 39 per cent had been collected,” she noted.

In light of this, the deputy minister issued a one-month ultimatum (until the end of this month) to ensure such debts were cleared and defaulters were referred to the land council for further legal action.

She also instructed all councils to collaborate with land officers when discharging their duties.

During her tour of the region, the deputy minister issued 22 title deeds to residents and various institutions based in Kilimanjaro.

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Author: HECKTON CHUWA in Moshi

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