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Long live cultural, sports ties between China and Tanzania

Maintain it, strengthen it since it is very beneficial for the both countries, cultural and sports relationship between Tanzania and China has been strong since 1964 though it existed since many centuries back.

We welcome our comrade, the State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Tanzania, the country whose people have been very friendly to China, cooperating with them in all social-cultural and economic sectors.

He arrives in the country to witness what the government of the People’s Republic of China and the government of Tanzania have implemented with a view to further promoting the friendly relations and strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the field of culture between the two countries and, in accordance with the Cultural Agreement signed between the two Governments on April 30, 1992 in Dodoma.

We commend our and Chinese leaders who facilitated the signing of all projects that facilitated the good relationship of our countries in cultural and sporting affairs.

The construction of the hyper modern arena now baptised Benjamin Mkapa stadium being among the most notable symbols of sports cooperation, the Chinese firms sports tournaments and sports and arts education the Chinese government offers to Tanzanians, all make us laud it as a “crystalisation of China-Tanzania friendship”.

We sincerely thank our Chinese brothers and sisters since the sports facilities you have offered Tanzania have already offered a massive boost to this country’s football and athletics teams.

With 60,000 seats, the all-purpose venue is the largest in East Africa, and Tanzanian sports enthusiasts call it “a catalyst for sport” because quality players and major events have been staged there.

We would, as well insist the two countries to maintain the strong social-cultural ties and make it more beneficial for the citizens of the two countries as we remember in 2007 when Qingdao Arts group from China attended the 10th Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) and the same year Tanzanian Arts group attended the 7th China International Folk Arts Festival in September.

We are delighted to see China and Tanzania have been engaged in all-round cooperation in the fields of culture and education, where both sides have maintained a very close relationship and increased the number of cooperative activities.

The current relations in the field of culture and education between the two countries grow to higher levels.

OVER the weekend in Urambo District-Tabora Region, NMB ...

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