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Boxing craze became more vibrant in 2020

Boxing craze became more vibrant in 2020

BOXING craze return has heralded the marvels of 2020, and we anticipate a brighter 2021.

Boxing has lately excelled and attracted attention of many people of all ages who are either going to watch the sport live or stay glued to their television sets to witness the staged bouts.

Slowly but surely, the action in the ring is now loved, and it is high time that Tanzania should be proud of having another sport event which is touching the souls of many people regardless of their gender, religion or race.

With high expectation that the 2021 will be more vibrant, 2020 has been a turning point for boxing, bearing in mind that pugilists from the country have had busy schedules organising events that serve both domestic and international status.

This is something which should be encouraged at all cost since having more sporting events gives people an opportunity to select the ones they want instead of being stuck on a single sport discipline.

It is good to see that people are ready to pay a considerable amount of money to get access into the hosting venue to watch live boxing, a development which accelerates its growing pace as the proceeds are used to invest more in the concerned sport.

Here, just like in football and other sport activities, money sourced from gate entries are further invested to improve the particular sport, and the same thing should be applied in the boxing circles to make it reach higher levels.

The Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission (TPBRC) ought to play a leading role in making sure that the emerging popularity of boxing should be maintained forever by making a desirable path to be followed by those involved in this discipline.

The stability of TPBRC will have a long lasting impact on boxing, to the extent that it will have potential to generate more skilled pugilists to compete in international platforms, thereby lifting high the spirit of the country.

For instance, one may confidently agree that the country’s football is heading towards the promised land, and this has not come by chance, but rather through concerned sectors who cooperate well with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to make things move accordingly.

Yes, TPBRC should borrow a leaf from TFF on how the latter are managing their responsibilities if the songs of success are to be sung one day. The boxing commission is already on the right direction, but it just need to shift into the second gear.

The year-end professional bouts which transpired at the Next Door Arena in Dar es Salaam recently helped to give a glimpse of what people should expect this year as far as boxing is concerned.

It showed the world that Tanzania is indeed a sport loving country as hundreds of people thronged the venue to watch the exchange of punches inside the well decorated ring which helped to separate boys from men.

Tanzanians therefore had a good time to sample out their best punch takers, just like the way it happens in football and other games where people have athletes whom they consider as their best. Definitely, if the same pace will be maintained throughout this year, without doubt, boxing will ascend to be the second most loved game in the country after football.

What needs to be done is to properly invest in boxing by ensuring that necessary infrastructures which embrace it are available so that the mushrooming young boxers should have a place to turn to in order to improve their game.

Here, without beating around the bush, a state-ofthe- art national indoor stadium should be constructed to accommodate the growing number of boxing fans. However, nobody can stand tall to speak about the recent fame of boxing without giving kudos to Azam Television who are always at the centre stage to broadcast live the bouts organised in the country.

If it were not for Azam’s decision to beam live boxing matches, its recent popularity could not be as it is now, but they took it on their shoulders to promote boxing also apart from football, something which is exceptional.

These guys are really doing a commendable task to uplift different sport disciplines unfolding in the nation, and they too have good analysts of boxing who are made up of former boxers, a situation which adds value to their good work.

Prior to match days, they run very enticing advertisements to lure people to stay tuned and never miss the action. All these grouped together, they help to make boxing another highly loved sport.

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