Ngorongoro at tipping point as population soars

Ngorongoro at tipping point as population soars

SUSTAINABILITY of mutual coexistence between wildlife and people in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is at jeopardy as the population of both soars.

The situation is threatening the wellbeing of one of the world's natural wonders that has an enormous crater, which attracts millions of foreign and local tourists, earning Tanzania billions of shillings annually.

The NCA that was established in 1959 by the then colonial government with the aim to attain a balance in conservation, wildlife management yet maintain cultural heritage, is shockingly close to a tipping point.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources Dr Alloyce Nzuki and NCA Authority (NCAA) senior conservators are of the opinion that it is now or never that action be taken to save the world’s largest caldera ending in tatters.

Speaking at NCAA Headquarters at Karatu District on Monday, Dr Nzuki said a team had been formed to look at the matter and propose a solution to the same.  

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) has also issued an alert and urged stakeholders to get equilibrium to the state of affairs.

NCAA Conservation Commissioner, Dr Freddy Manongi, was of the view that while human development is crucial, conservation and wildlife protection remains vital and is a tourism attraction.

Dr Manongi said the pressure keeps piling day in day out, closely arriving at the tipping point, a difficult time driving the officials and stakeholders to stretch their minds to the limit, to come up with solutions.

The situation has got to be addressed, otherwise, in a decade or so, the multiple land use plan will fail, he said. Needed, is a new decision so as to have sustainable development to wildlife, conservation and the people.

The 11th Parliament formed a team that looked into the matter and proposed a way forward. 

Personal Assistant to the Conservation Commissioner, Mr Elibariki Bajuta noted that the population growth comes from parenting, kids growing and others migrating to the NCAA from other areas.

Since 1959 the human population has increased by 1,000 per cent to more than 100,000 people within the crater.

Among others, effects of the population growth are environmental degradation, water loss, people-wildlife conflicts, including wildlife killing cattle.

Strategies to solve the area include coming up with a new law to manage the situation. 

Dr Manongi said a proposal has been brought to have a scheme with zones for every activity to ensure conservation, wildlife protection and human development.

Other strategies are to fight invasive weeds, bring about sustainable tourism, minimize development projects that negatively affects the environment and improve cattle quality so as to have few numbers of the same.

Dr Nzuki and NCCA’s senior officials are meeting editors and senior journalists in a three-day workshop to  get the latter to know about the authority, its inception, gradual growth, challenges and future of the icon of Africa and the world.

Big percentage of attendees to the workshop was for a solution that all inhabitants in NCA be allocated other land outside the area so that Ngorongoro remains for wildlife solely.

Samia sends birthday wishes to Dr Salim

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    Kisiaya Saruni

    This is a very biased article! Your being used by the illusory NCAA authority for its own interests to exploit the indigenous pastoralists their land rights and community development. Why didn’t you balance the story to listen views of the community members?

  • avatar

    This is the result of the "WARSHA YA NCAA NA WAHARIRI,WANAHABARI WA UHIFADHI,UTALII NA JAMII" which is held up to 30/12/2020 which is totally biased as there is no any community representative in that meeting.........so the opinions they're providing is only based on Fovering NCAA and not the both sides (indigenous & NCAA)

  • avatar
    Silet alaitetei

    The ministry of natural resources and tourism must conducting a dialogue with community members. Stopped lying to the government always the NMRT and NCAA

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    Parmwati Ngonina

    Ngorongoro remain have conflicts until Dr Manongi/ The coming Conservator agree to cooperate with Ngorongoro community to be the solution getters, Invasive weeds is not resulted from a larger number of Animals! While because of lack of rainfall for a long time which gives the variety plants happen. Am not sure if a development projects may destroy cattle quality or tourism if the conservation activities scoped with a balance of community activities!!!!, But All of it are trick to exploit people so as to ensure only conservation activities practiced there.

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    Keith Etzim

    Resettlement often forces people to live in barren wastelands, and this promotes poverty and violence. If human population growth is the issue, why not address it with access to family planning, delaying marriage until the age of 20 and promoting the education of girls? Girls who complete secondary school have fewer children than girls who marry at a young age. Women who have fewer children are less likely to die in childbirth and leave behind orphans. They are also able to serve their community with additional skills such as nursing and education.

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    Chuck Knutson

    I have found from another source that the human population growth in the Ngorongo are to be 45,000 rather than 100,000. Which is the correct number? Also, the indigenous Maasai are being unfairly blamed for negative impacts on wildlife populations, when immigrants from outside the area and tourists have increased over time, causing greater harm. Maasai have a history of coexisting with wildlife in a sustainable manner.

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    Lembeu Moko

    Manongi is for a Long time struggling to fulfill his predetermined objective of translocating our people to wastelands. He came with the idea of zonation and forget that zonation has also it's criteria. He's committed to translocate livestock keepers to very dry areas with no pasture and water forgetting that zonation involve the division of Land according to it's potentiality and productivity. I think this's the high time for Manongi to stand up for Justice or rather rest if he has no the balanced solution to the problems identified. We need to be listened to and involved in decision making processes that affect our lives. We must bring people into conservation equation, the society in which people and wildlife are harmoniously and sustainably living together is still possible we believe this and we will hold on!

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