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First bushmeat butchery opened in Dodoma

THE long awaited moment finally arrived yesterday after the first bushmeat butchery opened in Dodoma, with authorities insisting on strengthening measures to curb poaching.

The move will now enable hotels and restaurants to include bushmeat on the menu regularly. It is up to big fun of the wild animals fresh to beef up their wallets and experience the unique taste of their choice.

The move will also enable Tanzanians to harvest wild animals for selling and consumption.

Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) Board Chairman Major General (rtd) Khamis Semfuko said at the launch of the butchery that the authority will issue special licences to specific areas across the country.

“This is part of President John Magufuli’s directive to ensure we set up special bushmeat stores so people can benefit from the natural resources available in the country,” he said.

The new development follows the review on the guidelines on the sale and harvesting of bushmeat as they were issued by President Magufuli during his tour of Rubondo Island National Park on Lake Victoria, last year.

The President’s directive sought to remove the barriers that prevented Tanzanians from harvesting and selling bushmeat. Yesterday, the ‘Daily News’ witnessed a long queue waiting to buy the meat.

The Chairman, Maj. Gen (rtd) Semfuko said the meat will be sourced from licenced hunters, private zoos and remains of hunting tourism.

Such practice, he said, exists in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

“TAWA is willing to provide support to help people begin their private zoo and later harvest wildlife for commercial purpose,” he said.

The chairman was quick to note, however, that the licence will only be issued for selling consumable bushmeat across all the butchers.

“Those interested in investing in the business must consult with the authority for guidance,” he added.

The owner of the butchery that opened yesterday said they will be selling a variety of wild animal meat including buffalo, gazelle, oryx, antelope, zebra, pouffe and ostrich meat.

Acting Conservation Commissioner for Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority Mr Mabula Nyanda told reporters that the launching of the butchery in Dodoma marks the official launch of other bush butcheries across the country.

“This is an official launch and the meat sold here has been harvested with approvals from the authority,” he said.

Emmanuel Absalom and Othman Bhoke both owning bushmeat butcheries thanked the government for extending the opportunity in which they said will help create more jobs and increase conservation works.

THE British High Commissioner to Tanzania ...



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    I am appalled by this report. Has covid taught us nothing

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