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TTB, CI Group sign deal to promote domestic tourism

TTB, CI Group sign deal to promote domestic tourism

THE Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has signed a memorandum of understanding with CI group limited, with the aim of promoting domestic tourism in Tanzania.

TTB Managing Director, Ms Devota Mdachi said this is a continuation of other ways in promoting domestic tourism.

“As TTB we have a responsibility to promote domestic and foreign tourism and increase the number of tourists with a view to contributing to the country’s GDP through tourism business,” she said.

This company will help us promote local tourism through the Mama Africa circus exhibition which will involve various people in the tourism industry.

A group of circus Mama Africa using circus in promoting domestic tourism in the country. This exhibition to promote local tourism, there will be institutions and tourist service providers and advertise tourism businesses.

 We urge Tanzanians to show up in large numbers. Ms Mdachi further said the MOU they signed is a continuation of a special campaign to promote local tourism using celebrities, companies and other means as in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

She pointed out that in the speech of President John Magufuli at the inauguration of the 12th parliament said that by 2025 Tanzania expects to receive more than three million tourists, and increasing national revenue to reach six billion US dollars.

“Recently, we received groups of tourists, tourism agents and investors, from various countries including Japan, Poland which show how our country has the best attractions and increasingly encourages foreign and domestic tourism,” She explained.

CI Group representative, Mr Costantine Magavila said the circus exhibition is expected to take place 23 December at the JKT Masaki stadiums, we advised Tanzanians to visit and learn the opportunities available in the tourism industry.

“As CI group limited we work with Circus Mama Africa aimed to creates an environment for these young people to promote domestic tourism local and internationally ,” he said.

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