EPZA calls on Tanzanians to buy local products

EPZA calls on Tanzanians to buy local products

The Export and Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) has urged Tanzanians to buy goods made from local industries because they have high quality than the imported goods.

The EPZA Director of Investment Promotion and Facilitation James Maziku made the remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday while commenting on the ongoing Industrial Products Exhibitions taking place at the Julius Nyerere Grounds along Kilwa road in Dar es Salaam.

“When we continue buying imported goods with low quality is sabotaging the government efforts to put enabling environment and attracting more investments in the industrial sector,” he said.

He said on behalf of the government, the EPZA has been in the frontline to put conducive environment and attract more investments in the industrial sector.

He added that industries under EPZA have been producing goods that meet both local and international standards and competitiveness. Mr Maziku said through the Export Processing Zones (EPZ), 80 per cent of goods produced by the industries are for exports and 20 per cent for domestic market.

He emphasized that the 20 per cent of goods sold in the local market have the same quality as those meant for exports. It is from this backdrop that continuing buying imported goods that have low quality is killing local industries and reducing its contribution to economic growth.

He said for those industries under EPZA dealing with agriculture products, have created reliable markets for farmers and increased their income as well as contribution of the sector to the economy.

On her part, The EPZA Investment Promotion Manager, Grace Lemunge said the authority used the industrial products fair to urge people use local made goods to support domestic industries.

She said the fair has been an opportunity to encourage local investors take advantage of the opportunities provided EPZA to establish industries and contribute to economic growth.

Currently over 43 per cent of industries under EPZA are owned by local investors largely contributed by the government efforts to improve business and investment environment in the country.

Author: Daily News Reporter

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