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High hopes for JPM’s cabinet

High hopes for JPM’s cabinet

ACADEMICIANS, political analysts and the public in general have lauded President John Magufuli’s cabinet lineup while anticipating a bright future for the country.

President Magufuli unveiled his cabinet on Saturday, which comprises 23 ministers, as he retained 70 per cent of politicians who served in his first term.

Commenting on the newlyunveiled cabinet, some observers were optimistic that the team comprises ministers who are apparently committed and focused to deliver and transform the nation.

According to the analysts, President Magufuli’s keenness in appointing both experienced politicians and new faces shows clearly that while the focus is on performance, the president is also preparing new blood for high positions as part of a succes sion plan.

University of Dodoma lecturer, Dr Paul Loisulie said President Magufuli’s new cabinet is in line with his government’s slogan ‘Hapa kazi tu’, literally translated ‘work per se’.

“Most of the appointed cabinet members and the deputy Ministers are youths, fresh and strong minded, energetic, innovative and ambitious; people who are ready to work in any weather,” said Dr Loisulie.

“However, he has also appointed those experienced, diplomatic individuals; and he has fit them perfectly in the respective ministries knowing each minister’s ability will be fully utilised in their respective dockets,” he asserted.

“…Some ministries need youths, who can be challenged by the president and keep the high spirit, stand strong and deliver beyond expected levels,” further stated Dr Loisulie.

However, he pointed out that the new cabinet needs to work hard to meet people’s expectations after the ruling party won almost all constituencies across the country.

“We all understand that the parliament is almost full of legislators on CCM tickets, therefore the public expect a lot, therefore ministers need to work hard to ensure the government delivers as required,” he implored.

University of Dar es Salaam- School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) lecturer Dr Zacharia Malima stressed that to ensure performance as promised during election campaigns, the Head of State needed strong, visionary and self-motivated ministers who are ready to work and ensure all promises in the manifesto are implemented.

“I believe this is exactly what the new cabinet lineup is set for. The president wants to guarantee that the manifesto is implemented to meet the needs of the people; that is why he has appointed people based on their ability to deliver in the respective ministries,” he asserted.

It took more than a month for President Magufuli to appoint his full cabinet.

Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU) Prof Gaudence Mpangala observed that the delay in naming the new cabinet could be interpreted as the president’s keenness in appointing competent ministers.

“I believe there was high seriousness in the appointment of the new cabinet. President Magufuli changed many of his ministers during his first phase due to the standards of work he wanted. It is my belief that this will not be the case in the coming five years because this team looks different,” he commented.

The political scientist added that the inclusion of young politicians means a lot to the development of the country.

He said youths are stronger, and thus it is ideal to let them gain experience of running government businesses.

“I can see President Magufuli investing in youths. But again this opportunity must be taken seriously by youths because they have been trusted,” he said.

In Mara region, the residents who were interviewed said they expect the new cabinet to do a good job, lauding new faces and those who have been retained.

“The President has made a good choice. He has also retained hardworking ministers like William Lukuvi. I congratulate the President for the good job”, said a former local government leader, Mr Augustino Sasi.

Another, Mariam Mokono, a special seat councillor from the same region said: “We expect the ministers to do a great job because most of them are youths and scholars.”

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