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Contractors told to be vigilant in tender process

CONTRACTORS Registration Board Registrar Rhoben Nkori speaks when closing a three-day capacity building seminar that involved Southern Zone contractors in Njombe Region. Left is training coordinator Neema Fuime and Deputy Registrar for Research and Development David Jere.(Photo by Correspondent)

CONTRACTORS Registration Board (CRB) has alerted contractors in the country to be carefully with the experts they hire to fill their tender documents during tender process because many of them have been committing serious mistake in their documents.

The board said those mistakes cause serious damage to the contractors’ finance because many of them miss the tender and those who happen to get them they don’t get benefit at the end of the project.

This was said here by CRB Registrar Rhoben Nkori when officially closing the three days capacity building seminar for local contractors from southern zones held in Njombe Region.

Either, he said many experts hired to fill the tender documents are selfish and consider only what they achieve and they fill the tender documents without bearing in mind the fate of the contractors in that tender.

Mr Nkori said sometimes those experts put lower price only to make sure the contractors win the tender but at the end of the day fail to finish the project and abandon the site.

“You must consider the credibility of those experts who fill your tender documents. Take someone who can tell you the truth because you may hire expert who is after your money not to help you,” he cautioned.

“You may find that there are six tenders and six or seven bidders and you have hired the same expert to fill your tender documents what do you expect to achieve there?” asked Nkori.

Nkori also reminded contractors to work diligently and consider high standards while implementing construction projects to attract more customers and shun away corruption practices during tender process.

One contractor, Patrick Nkwama commended CRB for the training which he said adds value of their profession and urged the board to continue with such kind of training regularly.

“Most of us face different challenges some are not competent in filling tender documents so with this kind of training we expand our knowledge and I am sure after this training many of us will do better in implementation of construction projects,” he said.

CRB conduct capacity building for local contractors to enable them improve their standards on various area of construction industry.

When opening the training on Monday, (CRB), Board Chairperson, Engineer Consolatha Ngimbwa urged contractors to study carefully contracts before they sign them to avoid loss they may suffer during the implementation of different construction projects.

She said some of contractors are not faithfully that’s why the government have decided to implement some of its construction projects by using force account model to save its money.

She said there are corruption practices in some of public procurement tenders the situation which lead many contractors to enter into construction contracts without doing due diligence to satisfy themselves.

“Some of you are not faithfully that’s why government has lost trust in you and opt to use force account in some of its construction projects, you must change and build good trust to the government to trust you,” she said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Njombe

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