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Kiboko’s drug case rolls on

SUSPECTED drug dealer Ayubu Kiboko on Monday disassociated himself with narcotics allegedly found in his house.

The narcotic drugs were tendered as exhibits in his trial at the High Court's Corruption and Economic Crime Division in Dar es Salaam.

The suspect, however, admitted to the fact that his house situated within Kinondoni District was searched by police officers from Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA), where several items were seized.

"I did not see (those exhibits) during the search. I saw them in court," Kiboko told Judge Lilian Mashaka, when giving defence in trial of trafficking in 251.25 grammes of heroin hydrochloride he is facing jointly with his wife Pilly Kiboko.

Those exhibits tendered in court by prosecution witnesses include white powder into a clear plastic can, labeled A allegedly found inside the master bedroom in the toilet during the search exercise.

There are also two cans with powder suspected to be narcotic drugs, which were labeled A1 and A2 were also claimed to have been seized at the same place and some particles believed to be narcotic drugs labeled B, which were allegedly found into a light nylon bag inside a bedroom at ground floor.

The list also comprises other particles inside a black bag that are suspected to be narcotic drugs, which were marked as C after the search exercise was retrieved at a shoe shelf along upstairs. The witnesses said the bag was placed in the middle of shoes.

Led by Advocate Majura Magafu, the accused person testified that on May 23, 2018 in the night, while asleep he heard some people forcefully knocking doors of the house.

According to him, he waked up his wife, but picked up his pistol and moved downstairs towards the kitchen. He inquired who was knocking on the door in such a forceful way. He told the court that the people outside introduced themselves as police officers.

"I went back to my bedroom upstairs to collect some keys. Having opened the door, all the sudden seven police officers entered inside and pushed me back to the kitchen and started attacking me. They handcuffed me and two of them went upstairs to collect my wife," Kiboko said.

He testified that the police officers later introduced themselves and that their mission was to search their house, since the couple were suspected of dealing in narcotic drugs. Kiboko, however, queried how such exercise could be conducted without any ten cell leaders of the area.

The accused explained that two of the police officers went out on two occasions and came with the local leader identified as Christina Macha and one boy called Raymond Kimambo. Thereafter, he said, the search exercise was conducted starting from his master bedroom.

"They took away my pistol, its cover and one magazine, four bank cards, two Nokia mobile phones and some files," said Kiboko, adding that they later entered into a bedroom of their house girl downstairs where they found a black bag containing some charcoal particles used by the girl as tooth medicine.

The accused person told the court that the exercise ended there and they went outside the house and he was given a piece of paper to sign. He denounced the seizure certificate that was tendered in court to show several items, including the narcotic drugs, were found in the house during the seizure.

"I signed the seizure certificate which was one page only. The items listed in the other pages of this seizure certificate were not found in my house," Kiboko told the court.

In the trial, Kiboko and his wife Pilly are charged by the prosecution with trafficking in narcotic drugs. It is alleged that on May 23, 2018 at Tegeta-Nyuki area within Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam, the couple trafficked in Heroin Hydrochloride, which are narcotic drugs, weighing 251.25 grammes.

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