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RC orders Kunduchi residents to vacate the area

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Abubakar Kunenge has ordered residents of Kunduchi Mtongani in the outskirts of the city to vacate the area and move to other places for their safety.

The order, delivered today, follows the destruction of houses in the area by what geologists say is a volcano eruption which spewed mud all over the area.

Speaking to journalist in Dar es salaam today (November 30, 2020), Kunenge said while investigations still continue to determine the root cause of the problem, Kunduchi Mtongani residents should move to safer grounds to continue with their daily activities.

 “They should move out of that area… it’s dangerous. I have seen how houses have drowned. We are still carrying out investigations on the problem. Right now it is for people to move away from the area." Kunenge said.

He said governmental leaders were devising ways on how to help the affected people in the area. 

TRADITIONAL healer Seleman Ally Matonga, alias Dr Shija, ...

Author: Esther Takwa 

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