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Dr Bashiru counsels opposition on gender

SECRETARY General of the ruling CCM party, Dr Bashiru Ally has counseled opposition parties on democracy, asking them to provide equal opportunities to all members regardless their gender.

He said democracy is not rooted in gender and instead all qualified members deserve leadership opportunities.

The political scientist asked the opposition- Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) to let the 19-special seats parliamentarians exercise their political rights.

He said denying appointed special seats MPs the opportunity to serve the public is something that should not be entertained, since true democracy cannot exist without gender equality.

Dr Ally made the remarks while opening the two-day seminar for CCM’s National Executive Committee (NEC) secretariat and members from women, youth and parents’ wings.

The members are meeting in Dodoma for special evaluation of the October 28, General Election.

The Secretary General said political parties must learn to value each other regardless of gender, saying the important thing is to assess their performance in achieving their objectives.

He observed that being small in number in the parliament does not bar them from performing their legislative duties since they could be minority but with strong arguments.

“Let us learn from the 11th Parliament, the number of members from the opposition was bigger than any time in the National Assembly history, but their performance was not impressive” he asserted.

He went on saying that despite the fact that the ruling CCM are the majority in the National Assembly, still the few from the opposition could be very effective and bring about productivity and required changes.

Dr Ally used the platform to call upon women parliamentarians to come together and speak out on issues and challenges that face women for amicable solutions.

“CCM Women’s wing must come up with a strategy on how to reach women parliamentarians. This will give platform for solving their problems, their number in the House must reflect their actual performance” he insisted.

He added: “There is a need to fight for women victimisation, negligence, violence and all other forms of harassment”.

However, Dr Ally invited all opposition members to join the ruling party guaranteeing them true democracy, gender equality and respect for all.

“CCM values women’s contribution in building the party and the nation at large, the same practice must be applied in other political parties. However, the ruling party invites everyone who wishes to join it, our principles, regulation and ideologies are clear when it comes to leadership,” he noted.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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