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How CCM recorded landslide victory

CCM Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally said yesterday that 250,000 ten cell leaders played a big role in ensuring a massive general election victory, noting that their contribution is highly appreciated.

Dr Ally said CCM recorded a landslide victory in the October 28, General Election because the party has managed to build up strong systems from the grassroots.

CCM posted a historic win since the reintroduction of multiparty democracy in the country in 1992, enjoying almost a clean sweep of votes as the country staged its sixth general election under the system on October 28.

President John Magufuli swept to a landslide reelection victory in the presidential polls, securing his second term in office with 84.4 per cent of votes.

He fetched 12,516,252 popular votes out of 14,830,195 valid votes in the race that fielded 14 opposition candidates.

The dominant ruling party, CCM, which has won all previous five general elections, also secured 256 out of 264 legislative seats in the last month’s election.

Opening a two-day seminar for members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) secretariat and party’s wings committees, Dr Ally said the landslide victory was directly linked to hardworking and proper approach by CCM leaders and members in general.

Dr Ally said whoever linking CCM’s victory with fraud must learn how to make proper analysis before peddling unfounded claims.

“The opposition must learn how to organise themselves and set strong strategies, CCM was well prepared, the ten cell leaders and all party’s wings did a commendable job,” he argued.

He said some opposition candidates focused on personal attacks and use of abusive language, overlooking the fact that Tanzanians wanted to hear what they were planning to do for the voters and the country in the coming five years if elected.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to CCM-youth wing for being patient and conducting civilised campaigns, some people were using abusive language against our top leader, they went around the country tarnishing his image, but you remained relaxed and embraced civilised campaigns,” he said.

He added: “We deserved the victory because we worked very hard, our victory was not offered on a silver plate as some individuals are claiming, party wings and ten cell leaders did their job very well.”

During the October general election campaigns, CCM presidential candidate Dr Magufuli promised better days ahead, vowing to accelerate the gains made in the previous five years. He pledged to deliver more successes in the second term after a splendid first term performance.

Apart from promising to complete some mega projects, such as Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Nyerere Hydro Power Project and construction of airports and road infrastructures, the ruling party promised to take measures to reduce poverty by stressing on sectors such as agriculture, tourism and mining which employ millions of Tanzanians.

The party also pledged to continue reviving the state-run Air Tanzania Company Ltd (ATCL), by purchasing five more planes, including one for cargo.

Dr Ally, who was appointed into the CCM Secretary General position May, 2018, succeeding Abdulrahman Kinana, said all such promises were made through a good communication network from the grassroots.

However, Dr Ally who is also a political scientist warned of growing political mercenaries’ syndrome in the country saying it is dangerous for political parties to entertain such kind of members.

“Political mercenaries are number one enemies for our nation, it does not matter whether they are within CCM or opposition parties, we need to address the problem because it is not healthy for the sustainable development of our country,” said Dr Ally.

The former University of Dar es Salaam lecturer also reminded CCM members, MPs and councillors, who emerged victorious in the October 28 General Election to focus on serving wananchi.

Meanwhile, the CCM Secretary General directed party leaders at all levels to net in more members saying, there could be no strong party without a good number of active members.

He insisted that CCM needs active members who understand and live the party’s principles and ideologies by paying all required fees and serving it and Tanzanians diligently.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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