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Mwinyi calls for govt, financial institution partnership

PRESIDENT of Zanzibar, Dr Hussein Mwinyi, has called on financial institutions and local development partners to work with the government to bring about significant change for the benefit of the people.

President Mwinyi was speaking during a special seminar organised by CRDB Bank to highlight various opportunities offered by the bank and discuss how best to work together between the government and the lender in achieving development projects in the country and move banking services closer to citizens to stimulate economic growth.

Dr Mwinyi commended the bank for its readiness to work with the government in Zanzibar.

“As one of the largest banks in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, I believe this is the right partner in building a strong economy for Zanzibaris,” Dr Mwinyi said.

The seminar was attended by various leaders of Zanzibar, including ministers, Members of the House of Representatives and representatives from the private sector.

The President, thus, invited CRDB Bank to partner with the government in implementing various strategic projects in Zanzibar, including the construction of an international airport, ports, processing industries, irrigation projects, modern infrastructure projects and the facilitation of the fishing and seaweed sector in particular and building the blue economy.

“I am pleased to hear that you have increased lending services. This is good because it means instead of going to borrow abroad now we will be able to borrow home at affordable rates,” said Dr Mwinyi.

To walk his talks, Mr President formed a taskforce that would work with CRDB Bank in the implementation of various projects.

CRDB Bank Vice Chair, Prof Neema Mori, told the President that the bank considered Zanzibar as a strategic economic zone and assured him the readiness to work with the government.

“I promise you Mr President that we will follow your instructions and at the highest level of professionalism to ensure this cooperation is productive for all Zanzibaris and our nation as a whole,” Ms Mori said.

The government team will work with the bank in working on various opportunities available and come up with proposals for the implementation of development projects.

CRDB Bank CEO Abdulmajid Nsekela said they had committed to working more closely with Zanzibar to achieve Vision 2050 in building a strong nation based on the “blue economy”.

“We are aware that the government is committed to revolutionising all sectors of the economy and we have a strategy for our participation from tourism, agriculture, fisheries, construction, industry and infrastructure,” said Mr Nsekela.

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