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Isles 2nd VP warns shoddy contractor

SECOND Vice-President Mr Hemed Suleiman Abdalla has criticized lazy and underperforming contractors, warning they will never be allowed to handle government projects in future.

“All contractors must comply with signed agreements on projects. We have zero tolerance to contractors who delay projects or underperform. Such contractors will definitely never qualify for any work in the country,” said Mr Abdalla on Thursday in Pemba where he expressed dissatisfaction with the reasons behind delays to complete the construction of Kipapo-Mgelema road.

He also directed executives in respective public offices to stand firm on the implementation of government agreements, insisting that the 8th Phase Government wants to see that its promise for carrying out reforms in the way of dealing with things is realized.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State (Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance) Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman yesterday warned the contractor building the proposed new high Court building at Tunguu not to use Covid-19 and sand scarcity as the pretext for prolonged delays in completing the project.

It was earlier agreed that the new building for the High Court should be ready by September but the contractor mentioned sand scarcity and Covid-19 which led to travel restrictions in importing materials from abroad as the factors behind the delay.

“I am unhappy with the pace of construction which began during the 7th Phase Government under retired President Ali Mohamed Shein. Shortage of sand and coronavirus are being used as an excuse for the delay without justification,”

Mr Haroun said when he met senior staff of the Isles Judiciary led by Chief Justice Omar Othman Makungu.

But project supervisor Mr Kai Bashiri maintained that the delay to complete the 16bn/- High Court project being undertaken by Advert Construction Company, “is linked to shortage of sand as we get less than what we need, and also it is true that some of the materials we purchased abroad take long to be brought to Tanzania due to travel restrictions.”

The Second Vice-President landed in Pemba on Wednesday reiterating the promise to build a new Zanzibar. This was his first visit to his homeland after his appointment to that high position.

Speaking outside the Karume (Pemba) airport shortly after landing, Mr Abdalla said his government was fully committed to change the archipelago socially and economically.

It was another opportunity he used to remind executives and all civil servants that “it is time to serve our people better, and there should be no room for laziness poor delivery of services and corruption.”

In early Wednesday, Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Hassan Mwinyi swore-in the newly appointed Deputy Permanent Secretary (Information Communication Technology-ICT) Mr Rashid Said Rashid.

Before his appointment Mr Rashid was working with the Bank of Tanzania in the ICT section.

On several occasions after taking oath of office Dr Mwinyi has said that tax collection will be one of priority areas for improvement during his term.

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