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Police admits receiving drugs from suspected spouse

SENIOR Superintendent of Police (SSP) Neema Mwakagenda on Thursday admitted to have received and stored powdery substances believed to be narcotic drugs, allegedly seized from the house, where suspected drug baron Ayubu Kiboko and his wife Pilly Kiboko were living.

The senior police officer told Judge Lilian Mashaka at the High Court’s Corruption and Economic Crime Division in Dar es Salaam that she received the substances from Assistant Inspector of Police Emmanuel Ambilikile, who conducted a search of the house situated at Tegeta-Nyuki area within the city.

SSP Neema, who works with the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA), and investigator and arresting officer of suspected drug dealers, was giving evidence as fourth prosecution witness in the trial of the couple charged with trafficking in 251.25 grams of heroin hydrochloride, which are narcotic drugs.

Led by State Attorney Constantine Kakula, for the prosecution, the witness testified that on May 23, 2018 she received from her junior police officer some exhibits, including a plastic can marked A with white powder suspected to be narcotic drugs.

According to the witness, she also received two other cans with white powder suspected to be narcotic drugs, which were labeled A1 and A2, one a light nylon bag with black powder marked B and another light nylon black bag with some particles believed to be narcotic drugs, which was marked C.

“After receiving the exhibits, I registered them in the exhibits register and prepared the packaging materials for packing the same with a seal. The packing exercise was witnessed by the two accused persons as well as an independent observer,” SSP Neema told the court.

She went on stating that on May 24, 2018 in the morning she handed the sealed envelope with the exhibits to Assistant Inspector Hassan Msangi, who took the same to the Chief Government Chemist office for professional analysis.

On the same day, the witness went on, the envelope in question with the same exhibits, which was signed by the government chemist and stamped with the Office’s seal, was returned to her in the evening and stored the same into the exhibit room waiting for other legal steps.

However, SSP Neema recalled to have taken the envelope with exhibits to court when the government chemist, who analyzed the samples of the powdery substances believed to be narcotic drugs, was called in to testify in the trial. In the trial, Kiboko and his wife Pilly are charged by the prosecution with trafficking in narcotic drugs.

It is alleged that on May 23, 2018 at Tegeta-Nyuki area within Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam, the couple trafficked in Heroin Hydrochloride, which are narcotic drugs, weighing 251.25 grams.

When testifying as third prosecution witness, Assistant Inspector Ambilikile revealed that Ayubu Kiboko allegedly hid in the toilet of his master bedroom some of the powdery substances which are assumed to be dangerous narcotic drugs.

He told the court that such powdery substances were seized in the house, where the couple was living during a search conducted on May 23, 2018. The witness stated that white powder into a clear plastic can, which was labeled A was found inside the master bedroom in the toilet during the search exercise.

Likewise, the witness said, two other cans with powder suspected to be narcotic drugs, which were labeled A1 and A2 were also seized at the same place.

He also disclosed that some particles believed to be narcotic drugs labeled B were found into a light nylon bag inside a bedroom at ground floor.

The witness also told the court that there were other particles inside a black bag that are suspected to be narcotic drugs, which were marked as C after the search exercise were retrieved at a shoe shelf along upstairs.

The DCEA officer went on detailing that such bag was placed at the middle of shoes.

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