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Impart workplace safety knowledge to people with disabilities

TAKING into consideration the contribution of people with disabilities in the country’s economy, Mbeya regional administration has underlined the importance of imparting knowledge on workplace safety and health to the group, to make them improve their economic activities.

Mbeya District Commissioner (DC) Paul Ntinika, who was speaking on behalf of the Regional Commissioner (RC) Albert Chalamila, stated this yesterday during a training programme to deaf people about safety and health at workplaces.

The training, organised by the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA), aimed at increasing awareness among the group over safety and health issues at workplaces.

The one-day meeting focused on advising and identifying specific strategies for controlling safety and health risks that are in line with production activities, including construction, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and others.

OSHA cited some of the risks to include dust, noises, chemicals, machineries, electricity and other tools.

In his speech, the District Commissioner stated: “Apart from the government allocating a budget for providing loans to special groups, whereby 2 per cent of the council’s annual budget goes to people with disabilities, as the government we believe it is crucial to give education about safety and health at workplace to the group in order to prevent them from accidents.

Mr Ntinika commended OSHA for effectively implementing its duties, including conducting inspections at workplaces to monitor whether employers adhere to safety and health guidelines, as well as educating employees about the issues.

He called upon OSHA to add more efforts in reaching out to many citizens in provision of education.

OSHA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Khadija Mwenda said such training has been given to various social groups, including people with disabilities in various regions.

“As the institution which is entrusted to control safety and health at workplaces, we have realised that there is an importance in reaching these special groups because we are aware that disability is a physical condition and shouldn’t be a factor for people not to participate in production activities,” Ms Mwenda stated.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mbeya

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