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Farmers, producers upbeat on use of nutrient-rich fertiliser

PADDDY and maize growers in Kigoma, Songwe and Iringa regions remain upbeat on newly introduced nutrient- rich MiCROP fertiliser.

The fertiliser is distributed by Yara Tanzania, whose Commercial Manager John Meshack said in Mafinga that their company was not only happy about the emerging development, but was following-up closely the consumption trend so that future production corresponds with farmers’ fertiliser requirements.

“We have been heartened by the manner farmers, leaders, agronomists and extension officers have received the fertiliser. The drift towards fertiliser use is very encouraging and is in favour of better yield. We are closely following up consumption inclination so that in future, we produce based on farmers’ needs,” the manager said.

Yara is producing the fertiliser in its Dar es Salaam factory and production experts are anxious to get feedback from farmers and agronomists.

Yara, district government leaders and non-state actors are jointly popularising the fertilizer that is loaded with zinc and sulphur micro-nutrients in order to increase maize and paddy production.

Yara maintains that Tanzania’s agriculture has historically suffered from sulphur deficiency, arguing that production of that kind of fertiliser will be one of the innovative solutions to farmer’s production snags and impediments.

Maize is Tanzania’s staple food and rice is a popular national dish.

As of yesterday, several tonnes of fertiliser had already been sent to Kigoma, Songwe, and Iringa Regions and farmers were being encouraged to take advantage of the on-going rains and use the fertiliser in their farms.

In Kigoma, Kasulu District Council Agriculture Officer, Mr Masalo Aron, said Kigoma region’s soil was largely nutrient deficient, explaining that the fertiliser was being popularised to overcome that challenge.

“We consider this to be a new welcome trend. Success in farming starts with the farmer knowing the grade of his soil. Not every type of soil is appropriate for every crop. Similarly, not every type of fertiliser is appropriated for every type of crop,” he said.

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