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Rorya DC mounts campaign for improved toilets

Rorya DC mounts campaign for improved toilets

RORYA District Commissioner (DC) Simon Odunga has instructed residents to ensure they complete the construction of improved toilets to protect the environment and prevent diseases outbreaks.

The district leader issued the directive during the mobilisation of the government's plan to ensure every household construct a modern toilet under the campaign dubbed 'Household is incomplete without a toilet'.

He said the district had 56,761 households of which 28,336 were up to standard (equivalent to 41.1 per cent), hence there is a need for action to save the health of residents in the area.

"All village leaders should ensure they work with local health professionals to ensure people construct good toilets in their homes to protect themselves against epidemics such as cholera," Mr Odunga insisted.

The DC instructed health committees to ensure they inspected residential areas, especially in villages and wards, to ensure health regulations were adhered to, including environmental protection.

He said the residents should refrain from false traditions, including the practice of helping themselves in bushes during this period where there was a lot of rain in the area.

He said in the implementation of the government programme known as "payment for results (P4R)” residents were assured of the timely implementation of development projects while the value for money was taken into account.

"We urge all leaders from village and ward level to monitor the implementation of development projects in their areas, including health to speed up social development."

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Author:  SUNDAY NEWS Reporter, Mara

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