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Govt addresses soaring rights violation acts

AUTHORITIES in Dodoma said on Thursday cases of human right infringement is soaring in homes and societies as the government enacts specific legislation to promote and protect people's rights.

Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary, Kessy Maduka, said at the climax of legal aid service week held here that lack of awareness and poor management of wills is increasingly becoming a challenge in many homes in the region.

He said poor management of inheritance has subjected dozens of families into endless disputes, uneven distribution of properties and resources and subsequent bankruptcy.

"The government has therefore opted to help increase public knowledge, especially on better inheritance management to ensure family properties are no longer sources of disputes in the society," he said.

He noted that part of the strategy was enacting paralegal service act in 2018, in which regulations have also been developed.

He explained that the legislation set principals of service as well as establishes a national legal aid board. The board is in charge of registering service providers and is also responsible for setting up standards between individuals and institutions.

Barton Anosisye, Assistant Director Constitution and Justice Monitoring Department in the Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs said the ministry will continue to use the opportunities available in collaboration with the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Governments (PO-RALG) to build the capacity of ward councils which are basically the initial level of arbitration in the community.

He said that the ministry is aware that legal aid providers are focused on educating the community on the basis of good inheritance management to eliminate inconvenience and injustice to citizens.

"We are confident that on this day, the people and the community at large will understand the legal issues and overcome the injustices caused by poor inheritance management," he said, adding that most people lose their rights and thus remain poor regardless of their parent's wealth.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Dodoma

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