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Grand facelift plan unveiled

TANZANIA has undergone massive infrastructure development and other projects are due to be established. The improvement of infrastructure has also enabled the government to push for various economic activities and improvement of social lives among Tanzanians.

It is on record that Tanzania is now connected with the tarmac road network from South to North enabling wananchi to easily engage in both economic and social activities.

In the past five years, the government managed to implement various major projects, which basically aimed at improving people’s welfare in the country.

Among the projects include the construction of over 3,500 kilometres of roads across the country. The construction of the road went along with the building of a number of bridges in different parts of the country.

Moreover, in Dar es Salaam, the government has successfully managed to build two flyovers, purposely to fight traffic jams in the business city.

The flyovers that were constructed in the past five years are Mfugale flyover at Tazara junction in Temeke District and Ubungo interchange, which is designed to end traffic jams in the area. Other major projects include the Construction of 3.2km Kigongo-Busisi Bridge across the Lake Victoria stream.

The bridge is expected to stimulate production in fisheries and agricultural sector, thus boosting industrial economy in the northern regions and facilitate trade with neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo.

Once completed, the Kigongo-Busisi Bridge will be the longest above lake waters in the East African region. The bridge would be connected to 34km road from Mwanza and would have 28.4 metres width.

A total of 1600 vehicles can pass on the bridge at a time since the facility will have the capacity of carrying over 180 tonnes.

Moreover, in 2018, the government launched the construction of New Selander Bridge, which is designed to ease traffic jams in the city centre. The new bridge connects roads linking Aga Khan Hospital and Coco beach and it measures approximately 6.23 kilometers.

With a 180-tonnage Capacity, the bridge is expected to ferry 55,000 vehicles or its whereabouts per day, and this is expected to significantly reduce congestion along the overwhelmed independence-time Selander Bridge.

The old Selander Bridge was constructed back in 1929 and named after John Einar Selander, Tanganyika’s first Director of Public Works. Furthermore, in 2017, the government launched the construction of the country’s first Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line.

Recently, the government informed the public that Dar es Salaam-Morogoro stretch of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) will be fully connected soon.

The 7trl/- project is expected to transform lives by boosting trade and other social activities among Tanzanians and neighbouring countries.

In another development, President John Magufuli unveiled a grand plan for transforming Dar es Salaam city by improving its infrastructure and business environment to ensure productivity and economic growth.

Dr Magufuli said his government is focusing on improving infrastructure in the city to facilitate businesses and influence investment in the region and the country at large.

According to Dr Magufuli, Dar es Salaam has a population of six million people, and it is expected to grow to 10 million by 2030 and that there is need for the government to set up strong infrastructure that will enable business activities to take place in the city.

He said the 2020-2025 CCM manifesto highlights various development projects that are set to be implemented in the city. He said the government is looking forward to constructing a number of flyovers in the city to ease traffic and facilitate business activities.

According to studies conducted in 2010, the government was losing a total of 4bn/- every day due to traffic jams.He said plans are already in place for the construction of flyovers at the junctions of Morocco, Mwenge, Tabata, Fire area (Magomeni), and Uhasibu in Temeke District.

He also pledged to continue with the construction of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) for phase two, three, four and five in the city.

Moreover, Dr Magufuli promised to give special priority to new Dar es Salaam’s Districts of Ubungo and Kigamboni, saying the two areas need special focus on infrastructure.

“I am aware of the challenges facing the new districts, we are going to construct tarmac roads and other infrastructure in these two districts, we are going to change this city,” he noted.

He added that Ilala District also needs special attention. He said the area needs improved infrastructures to ensure better social services and boost economic activities.

Dr Magufuli said for the past five years, Dar es Salaam has outshone other regions in tax collection, which has helped to boost the country’s economy. He said the city contributed 90 per cent of all revenue in the form of tax.

According to Dr Magufuli, in 2015, the city contributed 11.9trl/-, which was 89.9 per cent of the total tax collected.

In the 2016/17 fiscal year, the region contributed 12.6trl/-, equivalent to 88.6 per cent of revenues in tax.
Dr Magufuli added that in 2017/18, Dar es Salaam contributed 13.6trl/-, which was 89 per cent of all tax collected. Also, in 2018/19, a total of 13.9trl/- was contributed, equivalent to 88.7 per cent of total tax collected.

In 2019/20 fiscal year, Dar es Salaam contributed 16.01trl/- to the government coffers, which was 89.7 per cent of the total tax collected.

Moreover, he said that in the past five years, Dar es Salaam emerged the leader in contributing to the national income by contributing 16.2trl/- out of 94.3trl/- of the total national income.

In 2017, the region contributed 20.5trl/- out of 118.7trl/-, and in 2018, a total of 22.5trl/- was obtained from Dar es Salaam. The total national income for the said year was 129.04trl/- .

Dr Magufuli added that in 2019, Dar es Salaam contributed 23.9trl/- to the national income out of 139.9trl/- that was collected for the whole year.

“Dar es Salaam plays a big role in building up our economy, we therefore have major plans for this region, our focus is to improve the infrastructure and make sure we set up all required social services,” he noted.

Dr Magufuli said the improvement of Dar es Salaam port facilitated trade to the country and to six other neighbouring countries.He said 25.91 million tonnes of cargo was cleared to neighbouring countries through the Dar es Salaam port.

He added that revenues increased to 951.02bn/- in 2019/20 and the dividend provided by Dar es Salaam port increased from 17.9bn/- to480bn/-.

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