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Kudos to Tanzanians for peaceful polls, keep up the spirit

PEACEFULLY conducted countrywide, the General Elections once again evidenced our maturity in democracy and we salute you all for this.

We have done it well, perfectly and peacefully as we strictly maintained our solidarity and nationality, the polls once again told the world that Tanzanians are naturally peace loving people, despite several ethnic communities within, which in some other countries only deteriorate into violence and insecurity.

Democratic races record such incidents, as we witnessed in other countries, because they are fierce contests in which a lone person must be chosen.

The closeness of the results in some areas explains the furore which was seen in some constituencies. The ethics of the game in most parts of the world, are sometimes overshadowed by the frenzy, as contestants throw in all their dices into the arena, but that is scarcely seen in Tanzania.

We acknowledge the outstanding performance of the security organs that made sure the electoral contests conducted peacefully.

We have come a long way on the democratic journey that our political parties, of which the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) and Civic United Front (CUF) have been the major players, have been providing good lessons to Tanzania on the right tracks to true democracy.

It is all over; the winners have been announced in some areas and those who lost should accept the outcome as good political sports’ persons.

We congratulate the winners on a deserved success and even as we do the same for the winners, we cannot withhold well-wishers for the losers, whose support cannot be overlooked.

Our peaceful election and outcome is of great strategic importance to all of us and our East African neighbours. We pray that the atmosphere of calm and maturity prevails in the days, months and years to come.

Peace is a vital tool to Tanzania, the East African Community and Africa in general in terms of national unity, prosperity of the people in maintaining the position as a strong champion for regional integration and democracy in Africa.

We end by also saluting all parties engaged in the democratic race as they behaved responsibly after the defeat, keeping in mind the peace and security which are the common interest and above any other individual interest.

With a 1-0 away win over Plateau United, ...

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