Plan afoot to mark homes with postcodes

Plan afoot to mark homes with postcodes

THE Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication announced a joint strategic plan targeting to connect all councils countrywide with residential addresses and postcodes to aid in the government’s envisioned inclusive digital economy planned for 2022.

Speaking during a working tour to assess the progress of the project at Chamwino- Ikulu, Ipagala and Hazina Wards in Dodoma, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dr Zainab Chaula said the initiative would enhance online trades and logistic services.

“The ministry has started implementing the strategy to ensure every house is fixed with residential address that includes the name of the road, street and the house. This ultimately will help people reach any home without necessarily going through a search profile for a particular house and this is a digital economy,” she said.

Director of Communication Unit in the Ministry Eng Clarence Ichwekeleza explained that the residential addresses and postcode plan are global strategy that will help increase trade potentials, notably online-based transactions.

He said with the new plan, the public would be able to sell and buy goods and service unconditionally to their door-post.

The project is, however, jointly implemented by the Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, the Ministry of State Regional Administration and Local Governments and other stakeholders.

It Includes fixing house numbers— the activity currently being implemented by the National Services—SUMA JKT.

The Ministry said at least 21,947 houses out of 30,152 houses will benefit from the ongoing process.

Ms Justina Mashimba, Chief Executive of the Universal Communication Access Fund (UCSAF) detailed that engagement between the government and the communities has simplified the work of fixing house numbers in the three planned wards.

UCSAF contributed 60m/- in the exercise focused on houses within Bahi, Hazina and Chamwino Ikulu wards. In Tanzania, the service has already been implemented in 116 wards out of 3,956 wards.

This is an equivalence of 18 councils out of 185 councils across the country.

Experts say other benefits of the initiative are to help the government in its revenue collection, enhance security and improve service delivery to the people especially during emergencies.

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