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Embassies disown ACT-bound support letter

THE US and Germany Embassies in Tanzania have disowned a seditious letter addressed to ACT-Wazalendo National Chairman, Seif Sharif Hamad.

The supposedly leaked confidential letter jointly from the US and the German Embassies in Tanzania to the opposition party was circulated on social media yesterday.

However, the two embassies dismissed it as fake. Written as the joint letter from the embassies, it is headlined: 'Financial support, election intelligence and disruption'.

Part of the letter reads: “We are officially informing you that our final analysis conducted on October 20th show that you will not win majority votes as required by the law.

We encourage you and the party to continue using threats and international platforms as we have been advising and teaching your teams to cause fear to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to cede power.”

It continues: “You also know that we have our rallying centre...finally we continue advising you and your party to ensure you continue causing chaos and instability by not accepting results as instructed by two countries that you must be next President and form the government."

Responding, the US Embassy stated that the letter should be considered as 100 per cent fake. The embassy appealed to the public to verify such information circulating in the social media.

Likewise, the German Embassy told the ‘Daily News’ that it had also seen the letter on social media platforms.

“The letter never came from us,” a German Embassy official who preferred anonymity affirmed.

The embassy said such false statements have appeared severally in the public since election campaigns started.

The official insisted that the European nation is not associated with any political party in Tanzania, but only stands for free and fair elections.

When reached for comments, the ACT-Wazalendo said they have not received such a letter.

The party’s Deputy Press Secretary, Ms Janeth Joel Rithe, said the letter, by just looking at it, it was fake.

“How can the embassies write in such a way, that is just propaganda,” she said.

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