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Leaders are not bosses, solve people’s problems in fields

AS President John Magufuli has been crisscrossing the country looking for votes to ascend to power as the Head of State notably for his second term, he has been solving problems of the citizens mostly women complaining to be robbed of their rights, especially pieces of land.

His style of leadership (on the spot daring to solve problems and accessible to the ordinary citizen) has made him a darling in the country and beyond to the extent that some people from a neighbouring country joked that he should crossover to be their president and solve their problems.

That put aside, the President has his representatives in each and every region known as Regional Commissioners (RCs) down the hierarchy to the districts as District Commissioners (DCs), who should be on the ground to address such problems, mostly of women instead of them waiting for the President to visit and solutions sought.

These people have been complaining of being robbed of their ancestral pieces of land or plots they acquired as a result of marriage only to be chased away by close relatives without being given alternative areas to live with orphaned children.

Some of these people, who collude to rob them of their pieces of land are people known to them and said to be floating in financial oil to the extent that no one can dare touch them.

For fear of touching them and imagined repercussions, they see the President as the only savior, who would restore justice so that they regain back what belongs to them, but unfortunately the Head of State can not be everywhere and every time to solve such matters.

This brings in force a concept that regional and district heads down to the local government should have a routine culture of visiting the people at the grassroots to know their problems.

This is possible with their ombudsmen trooping to the communities and frequently organizing public meetings, where the locals meet their leaders and in turn these leaders address their problems.

There is no point of any leader sitting in the office, yet his/ her assistance in req uired in the field, where orphans are being robbed of their rights, the girl-child is being denied education, women are physically assaulted and the list might be long (kept in store) waiting for the president to intervene.

It is a shame for any RC or DC to be asked to address a particular problem in public, yet he/she is living in the same area with the complaint, and not doing enough to address it.

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