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Air traffic controllers support Ukonga prison

UKONGA prison has received a boost for its correction activities amongst the inmates, which includes five new sewing machines that will be used for training and productive works in the prison.

The aid which is valued at 1.5m/- was donated by the Tanzania Association of Air Traffic Controllers (TATCA) during commemoration of the formation of air controllers globally, which dates back to October 20, 1960.

“TACTA has decided to give back to the society in commemorating the establishment of this profession in the air transport sector, we realise that our inmates are part and parcel of human beings who deserve to acquire productive skills while serving their jail term,” said TATCA President, Mr Shukuru Nziku.

He said that the aid was contributed by 130 TATCA members countrywide who were represented by some of them at the Ukonga prison, where they talked to inmates and witnessed recreational activities.

The Head of Ukonga prison, Senior Superintendent of Prison (SSP) Salum Mwanjawa, welcomed the technical support, saying that it is important because prisoners need to gain various skills, which will help them be economically independent when their jail term ends.

“The sewing machines will complement efforts in economic production activities, where the inmates will use such tools not only for learning, but also for productive activities. They also sew their own clothes and eventually gain new skills,” he observed.

SSP Mwanjawa used the opportunity to persuade other organisations and companies to emulate TATCA, because prisoners are human beings who deserve access to basic human rights, including learning and become part of economic producers.

He said other items needed by inmates include detergents, toothpastes and medicaments.

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