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Reflections on good governance agenda in Zanzibar

THE importance of good governance is clearly and concisely expressed by Professor and Psychologist, Mr Abraham when he said, “There should be only one political ideology and that is good governance.”

It is important for leaders to adhere to ethics and be honest in order to build trust with the people in addressing the community on a wide range of issues.

Also corruption, and embezzlement of public property have dominated the headlines and many citizens say the fight against corruption, economic sabotage and embezzlement of public resources should be a priority in accelerating development in the country.

When leaders show bad attitudes in the community, they often lack self-confidence and often live a life of anxiety for whatever they feel can make the community aware of their behaviours like disrespect, corruption and staling of public wealth.

Such leaders are very dangerous to society and for country’s development. In ensuring good governance and accountability, the Zanzibar government under CCM Manifesto, has done much to achieve some of the many goals such as insisting on ethics and establishing various institutions to oversee the system.

In the fight against corruption and embezzlement of public property, the Seventh phase of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar under President Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein established the Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Corruption Authority (ZAECA) under Act No. 1 of 2012.

A total of 950 allegations of corruption and embezzlement of public property have been lodged with the institute since its inception. According to official statistics, 751 of those allegations are still under investigation and others have been decided.

Similarly, the Authority has successfully helped to return the Government funds and assets worth TZS 411.90 million since its inception. Similarly, the Public Officials Ethics Commission was established by the Public Officials Ethics Act No. 8 of 2015.

Other crucial steps taken by Dr. Shein are establishment of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) under Act No. 2 of 2010. The accounts of the Government, during this ten-year period, have been strengthened and created an environment in which it can operate more freely.

For a long time, the Office of the Attorney General in Zanzibar was performing its functions in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the provisions of various laws but in 2013, the Government formally established the Attorney General’s Office, by Act No. 6 of 2013.

In strengthening accountability, the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government also established the Local Government Authority by Act No. 7 of 2014 and the Regional Administration by Law No. 8 of 2014.

Through the CCM Manifesto of 2020-2025, the presidential candidate of the eighth phase of Zanzibar government, Dr. Hussein Mwinyi has disclosed continuously in his election campaigns to implement CCM Manifesto of 2020-2025 to address challenges of accountability of leaders, fight corruption and to curb theft and improper use of public property.

Dr Mwinyi said he would ensure fulfillment of responsibilities of leaders and public servants including adorning themselves with the qualities of good ethical leadership and good working spirit. There have been complaints that people have been asked for bribes even in accessing their basic right including services such as water, land, health, electricity, police, TRA and so on.

Similarly, on the streets of Zanzibar the news has been that there are some leaders in Zanzibar who are incapable of leading and are completely irresponsible and are abusing their positions for their own benefits. He promised to appoint competent and capable and hard workers in his government if he would win this year’s election.

Dr Mwinyi is expected to fulfill his personal commitment when he addressed in Dodoma soon after he was nominated as the CCM presidential candidate for Zanzibar for 2020-2025 that he will not tolerate those who engage in corruption, embezzlement of public property and theft.

He said he would follow on President John Magufuli footsteps in fighting against corruption and embezzlement of public funds. It should be noted that, Tanzania has made great strides through the CCM manifesto of 2015-2020 in the fight against corruption.

In September 2016, the government established the High Court Division of Corruption and Economic Sabotage to deal with major corruption cases. This court is an integral part of the government’s strategy to combat corruption and economic sabotage in Tanzania.

People in Zanzibar want effective prosecution on government officers accused of corruption. They hope and pray that Dr Hussein Mwinyi wins this year’s election to become Zanzibar president and lead the war to root out corruption in the Isles. Mr Mansour is a Political and Economic analyst at the Office of Zanzibar’s CCM Deputy Secretary General

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    Sabrina Maulid

    It's not only for leaders to fight against corruption but also for the citizens to co-operate to do it, for the interest of our nation.

  • avatar
    Sabrina Maulid

    It's not only for leaders to fight against corruption but also for the citizens to co-operate to do it, for the interest of our nation.

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