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Politics should not divide us, there is life after elections

Politics should not divide us, there is life after elections

AS Tanzanians draw close to the voting day on 28th October to elect their leaders, as the constitution stipulates that general elections be held after every five years, we should stand as one people and never allow politics to divide us.

Rather than seeing past political differences, Tanzanians should realise that the country (read patriotism) should come first, politics is second, because after all these politics and politicians pledges, at the end of the day, life must continue.

We should think above politics after the elections, because the citizens want their economies as well as that of the nation to grow.

Community projects must be implemented, for instance water must be provided to the households, not more politics.

Tanzanians, whether one was/is a CHADEMA, CCM, ACTWazalendo stalwart, you name it, should not isolate one another or blame one another, when one’s party loses in the elections, because like a game there must be losers and winners.

Rather than being angry with your friends and loved ones for the terrible crime of voting for the wrong (not yours) candidate, you should be thankful to have people in your life who care enough about their country and Tanzania to get involved in peaceful elections.

It is vitally important, both for our democracy and for ourselves, that we stand up to and resist any school of thought that might be out to divide us as Tanzanians.

This should be constantly preached by politicians who aspire to lead the country (citizens) that bringing Tanzanians together, not divide them is what is considered as a mature politics, and whoever doesn’t do that doesn’t deserve the public’s support and votes.

Any aspiring leader should remind Tanzanians day in day out in any political gathering that what they have in common is more important than their differences.

Politics is all about understanding, and to address the priority needs of the citizens, in order to meet their demands. But this can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.

In the absence of peace, it would be very difficult to attain any meaningful development.

While it is the role of the politicians to nurture peaceful coexistence in society, it is also incumbent upon them to advise their supporters to maintain peace and order, as violence will never take us anywhere.

How long would we allow ourselves to be divided by politicians, who should instead serve our interest in the government? The ball is in your court as a citizen to create and have Tanzania you want.

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