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JK drums support for JPM re-election

FORMER President, Dr Jakaya Kikwete has poured praise on CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli over his remarkable performance in the last five years.

The fourth phase president described him as a reliable and trustworthy leader who deserves to be re-elected for a second term.

Dr Kikwete said that in the last five years, Dr Magufuli and his government has proved to be reliable by making implementable pledges.

The fourth phase president fondly referred to as JK was campaigning for Dr Magufuli at Mbagala in Dar es Salaam ahead of the General Election slated for October 28.

Tanzanians will go to the polls to vote for the president, parliamentarians and councillors in the sixth General Election under the multiparty system, which has attracted 15 presidential candidates, including incumbent President Dr John Magufuli.

He said that there was no need for Tanzanians to look for another person for the presidential post apart from Dr Magufuli because he has demonstrated strong leadership.

"I request you to encourage him so that he can accomplish the ongoing works and implement new pledges as stipulated in the CCM Election Manifesto... the only way to do this is to vote for him for the presidential post and other party’s candidates for parliamentary and councillorship,” Dr Kikwete stressed.

He said that the fifth phase government has done a lot at national, regional and district levels by executing projects which aimed at promoting social, economic and political development.

Dr Kikwete said Dr Magufuli has effectively implemented the party's manifesto by more than 80 per cent.

“Magufuli has proven that he is a brave captain who led the implementation of the manifesto at a high level while other works are in progress," he said.

Dr Kikwete noted that one of the key projects executed in Dar es Salam during the leadership of Dr Magufuli is the construction of the Ubungo interchange and Mfugale flyover as part of initiatives to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

He also noted that the introduction of Rapid Bus Transit has also helped to ease traffic flow and save time. Dr Kikwete added that if CCM wins the General Election, more rapid bus transit infrastructure will be constructed on several roads in Dar es Salaam.

President Kikwete further said that the fifth phase government has executed various water projects aimed at ending water woes in Dar es Salaam.

"Water problem in Dar es Salaam has been greatly reduced, you should give them another chance so that they can continue to improve supply of the precious liquid," he said.

He said that water access in Mbagala has also been improved, noting that the aim is to supply the precious liquid by 100 per cent come 2025.

Dr Kikwete said that CCM election manifesto has been prepared in such a way that it addresses challenges facing the public.

He noted that it has not only been the manifesto but the assurance of competent leaders who are loyal and committed to the nation.

“This has been possible with the presence of cautious and competent leaders since the father of the nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Abeid Amani Karume, who are the founders of our nation,” he said.

He cited the introduction of community schools, noting that the plan has helped a lot in improving the number of students joining secondary education in the country.

The former Head of State added that in the past, Dar es Salaam had only six secondary schools, a situation that limited the number of pupils joining ordinary level education.

He said to date, Temeke alone has 237 secondary schools, thus increasing secondary school enrollment as well as tertiary level.

The former president also praised his party for maintaining peace and harmony in the country; while other countries dream to be like Tanzania.

“CCM's good policies have united the nation, built unity, brotherhood and love among the people,” he said.

AS the announcing of election results continued, the ...


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