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Chadema government will establish crocodile, hippopotamus meat butcheries

KABWE Ward Councillor position seeker through CHADEMA, Mr Asante Lubisha in Nkasi District along the Lake Tanganyika shores in Rukwa Region has pledged to start establishing crocodile and hippopotamus meat butcheries if his party will win the general elections.

He said after the general elections on 28th October, 2020 and his party ascends to power, he will seek approval from relevant authorities to allow the residents start such butcheries, because the animals’ meat will be sourced with ease.

According to the candidate, the establishment of the butcheries will provide the villagers with an opportunity to harvest crocodiles and hippopotamus meat for consumption, because their populations have alarmingly increased.

Mr Lubisha told the ‘Daily News’ in an exclusive interview that the populations of the aquatic animals have increased and pose threat to the villagers, hence, should be reduced because they scare and force the people to abandon their farms.

“My residents in Kabwe Ward have been complaining of several attacks from hippos and crocodiles when they go to their farms or go to the lake for fishing activities. The situation has forced some to abandon farm activities for fear of their lives, and there have been cases, where the hippos cross into the residents’ homes,” he said.

At Nkasi North Constituency, Ms Aidah Khenan (Chadema) is seeking for votes against Mr Ally Keissy (CCM), who is battling to retain the seat now for the third time.

“ If reelected, I will ensure that Tanzanians establish butcheries especially for selling and consumption of crocodile and hippos’ meat in a bid to extensively reduce their numbers…this is possible, because the CCM fifth government had already endorsed it. “When I was elected for the first time in 2010 to date, more than 25 people have been attacked by the wild animals, and unfortunately 15 have been killed leaving the rest permanently injured,” he pointed out.

Last year President Dr John Magufuli during his tour of Rubondo National Park, directed for establishment of special butcheries for bush meat, noting that Tanzanians should not be prevented from harvesting and selling bush meat.

According to the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) people willing to engage in bush meat business should get licence from the relevant authorities.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has asked leaders and the ...

Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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