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Religious leaders slam peace disruptors

RELIGIOUS leaders have raised a red-flag against peace disruptors, calling for mutual respect and tolerance ahead of the General Election scheduled for October 28, this year.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, the clerics said there has been some aggressive moves from people within and outside the country who have been plotting to disrupt peace and order, especially if opposition candidates lose in the 2020 General Election.

Dr Evance Chande, the Bishop of Evangelistic Assemblies of God Tanzania (EAGT) Ipagala Dodoma told reporters that religious leaders had noted with concern existence of groups within and outside the country supporting violence during the election campaigns.

According to him, the groups are also planning to take to the street if their interests will not be met during the election.

“As religious leaders, we are potential stakeholders in promoting peace and unity in the country. Currently, we’re closely monitoring information which is widely circulated through social media, and we plan to expose those behind such plot for the good of the nation,” he said.

The leader said violence has never brought any good, citing examples in Egypt, Libya, DR Congo and Burundi, where people were displaced and properties destroyed.

He said for decades Tanzania has been home to thousands of refugees from conflictravaged countries.

The leaders urged state security organs to start taking action against every individual working to destroy peace and unity, the values that Tanzanians have upheld for years.

“The government has worked in its capacity to promote peace and harmony, and now it is the civic duty of each and every individual to uphold and maintain it,” he said.

National Muslim Council of Tanzania (Bakwata) Dodoma Regional Secretary Shekh Hussein Kuzungu admitted that the Muslim community will not tolerate peace disruptors, neither can it support people going against God’s guidance and wisdom.

He said countries that faced political violence are still struggling till today to restore tranquility, asking leaders who are interested in political positions to follow state-agreed procedures to help uphold peace and harmony in the country.

Rev Samson Mwaleko of the Pentecostal Church in Mbeya urged youth not to be used by hungry politicians who are being used by capitalist countries to disrupt the decades-long unity and peace.

He urged the public to vote for leaders who are campaigning for development both in Mainland and the Isles, better access to social services and strengthening of the economy.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has asked leaders and the ...


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