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Lissu’s reign will ensure surplus food production, Rukwa villagers told

CHADEMA presidential running mate, Mr Salumu Mwalimu has promised to transform the agricultural sector especially along the Lake Rukwa Rift Valley Basin to enable the residents produce enough and surplus food to sell.

The Lake Rukwa Basin is located in Kwela constituency in the Sumbawanga District Council, Rukwa Region, whose vast piece of land is fertile and favours growth of rice, sesame, maize, millet and banana.

Mr Mwalimu made the pledge, while addressing election campaign rally at Muze village, stressing that the fertile land has not been fully utilized by the residents, who only cultivate it using traditional hoes.

“This Rift Valley Lake Rukwa Basin is fertile and suitable for agro business, besides its numerous sources of water suitable for modern irrigation farming and fishing activities. But farmers here are practicing traditional agriculture that can make them come out of poverty.

“If you elect Mr Lisu (Tundu) I can assure you his administration will transform your lives by opening the Lake Rukwa Basin by rehabilitating a section of the road spanning about 200 kilometres across the valley to tarmac level… and subsequently enabling the basin to realize surplus food collections,” he pointed out.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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