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IAA prepares course to banking, mobile money operation

KNOWLEDGE gap among the agent banking and mobile money operators have prompted the introduction of short courses to equip them with the needed skills for them to run professionally.

Speaking to reporters here yesterday, Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) Rector, Prof Eliamani Sedoyeka said the courses to be run for six weeks are scheduled to start in December.

He said after seeing the market demand and knowledge gap among the owners, operators and overseer have decided to initiate the courses taking into account the fast-growing trend of the industry.

"Agent banking and mobile money industry are moving fast this is due to the technological advancement and the economic growth, we have identified the knowledge gap we are going to fill in so that it brings the needed benefit," said Prof Sedoyeka.

Prof Sedoyeka said most owners and operators were accustomed to traditional banking and their diploma in banking courses were designed in such a way that they meet the banks’ demands, whereas with agent banking ones serve more than three banks with different operating modules that needs clear knowledge for smooth operations.

Moreover, he said, the courses will take them through the risk, money laundering issues, taxes and revenues collections, banks counters as well as rules and regulations trending the industry.

For the mobile money cadres, he said, the courses will take them on aspects of fake notes, money launderings, tax and revenues since with improved infrastructure and access to electricity by the fifth phase government, and more are likely to engage in the business.

For the start, he said, the courses will be offered in their campus in Arusha, Dodoma and Dar es Salaam.

Moreover, he said, they have set up a campus in Dodoma whereas for a start while operating for a rented premise they offer only master's degree programmes from December.

If all goes well, Prof Sedoyeka said, they will start offering all courses from certificate and postgraduate studies at their constructed campus in Njedengwa come October, next year.

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