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Follow Mwalimu Julius Nyerere teachings, best homage to him

AS history of Tanzania will keep on reminding generations of the citizens who were not there before and during independence that Mwalimu Julius Nyerere played a major role in liberating the country from the yoke of colonialism, it is worth honouring the nation’s founding father by keeping to his teachings as the best homage to pay him posthumously.

Born in Butiama near Lake Victoria on 13 April 1922 in Mara Region and passed away on 14 October 1999, his ideas and skills in uniting Africans will not easily die, because Baba wa taifa, father of the nation was a man of peace, a man of the people and a man of unity.

Mwalimu’s dedicated his life and commitment in liberating the subcontinent and forming the pan-Africanism that leaders with the backup of other citizens should always strive to display.

Mwalimu spearheaded the establishment of the Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), which later became the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Mwalimu was one of the brains behind the East Africa Community (EAC) formation so that the countries live like brothers with a common parent.

A pronounced pan-Africanist, Mwl Nyerere led Tanganyika to independence and later unified it with Zanzibar to form Tanzania that despite shortcomings just like in any other country, his Ujamaa policy is credited for giving Tanzania a national identity.

Mwalimu had the target of a community formed as a result of collective responsibility so that Tanzanians and other blocs integrate for a common socio-economic and cultural growth.

Mwalimu presented the argument that African unity was possible in the way shown by the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar and was seen by the then African leaders that Nyerere was a man with a vision and a deep rooted commitment to Africa.

At the summit in Cairo, all the leaders agreed that there was a need for Africa to unite. However, there was a difference of opinion; on how could this be possible.

Some came with a plan to form the United States of Africa. On the other hand, some advocated for a gradual economic regional integration that would eventually bring about the continental unification needed.

During the 50 years of existence, Tanzania has been a centre for peace and liberation in Africa.

All in all, the role played by Tanzania in international and African affairs has been commendable beyond imagination and tracing all these, brain behind them was Mwl Nyerere.

The best homage to pay him today and in the future is to respect, follow his teachings.

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