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Govt awards 900,000 acres to ‘wananchi’

LOOKING to curb land related conflicts and address shortage of farming and grazing plots, the government gave out a total of 900,000 acres of land to nearly 1000 villages in the past five years.

Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole said yesterday that the fifth-phase government will go down in history as one that resolved the biggest number of land disputes in the country during its first term.

He said President John Magufuli, who is also a Chairman of CCM, formed a team of ministers to go around the country for the purpose. He said upon the completion of the job, he gave out 900,000 acres of land to ordinary citizens.

Mr Polepole was responding to some issues raised by opposition politicians during the ongoing campaigns ahead of October 28 polls.

He said the oppositions have been telling lies and misleading the public and that effective yesterday, the party will be responding to each matter.

“From now on, it is bumper to bumper, we are going to shame the devil, they tell lies, we tell the truth,” he noted.

He said the opposition have been trading lies since the start of the campaign and now enough is enough, insisting the ruling party is not going to allow such things to happen.

Mr Polepole added that CCM was saddened by the opposition's claim that the ruling party has summoned all District Executive Directors (DED) to Dodoma ahead of the October polls.

He asked the national Electoral Commission (NEC) to take serious measures against the opposition leaders, who have been quoted spreading the lies.

He said DEDs are returning officers in their respective areas and that the oppositions were trying to accuse the ruling party of siding with them as a plan for rigging elections next month.

Polepole said the ruling party is well organised to win the election and that the opposition must learn to make strong arguments instead of spreading lies.

“We are also asking the Ministry in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments) to address the matter, the public must be told on the kind of opposition leaders we have in this country," he said.

He said the fifth-phase government has managed to implement its 2015-2020 election manifesto and that it has strong plans to implement the new 2020-2025 manifesto.

“Our 303-page manifesto is here, and we are confident it will be well implemented, our leader, Dr Magufuli is ready to take it on,” he said.


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