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CCM to unleash ‘artilleries’


THE ruling CCM party said yesterday that it is going to unleash all of its political ‘artilleries’ in the remaining 30 days of the 2020 General Elections campaign, to completely thwart the opposition.


The party's Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole told reporters here that the CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli, who had a short break in Dodoma, will today embark on another round of campaign with all guns blazing.

All CCM members including veterans and experienced cadres will be dispatched across the country to campaign for the incumbent President who looks favorite to maintain his presidency.

According to Mr Polepole, the 30 days will mean explaining Dr Magufuli's vision and ruling party's development policies as covered in the 303 pages manifesto.

“I would like to inform our fellow opposition political parties that the coming 30 days are going to be hot, we are going to silence them by telling the public what we have been doing and what we are planning to do for them as it is written in our manifesto,” he noted.

Mr Polepole said former prime ministers, presidents and all other veteran politicians are going to campaign for Dr Magufuli and all other candidates under CCM tickets.

“The 30-day countdown is going to be hot, the political temperature is going to rise for our fellow on the other side, and I can assure you, we are going to finish the business once and for all,” he said.

He said so far, the ruling party has already covered all parts of the country in its campaign and that it is just making ‘finishing’ touches ahead of the October polls.

On Friday, the party said it will now change its campaign tactics as election fever grips the nation. It was despite internal research showing the party's candidates are above other aspirants of opposition parties.

He said a report released by the party's special research unit recently shows that if elections were held last Wednesday, the CCM presidential candidate Dr John Magufuli would have got 89.5 per cent of the total votes, while CCM MPs would get 80 per cent of the votes across the country.

Mr Polepole said the CCM's assessment on the ongoing campaign shows huge victory ahead of the polls.

“Everything is on the right track and that the party has recorded a magnificent performance,” Polepole said confidently.

Meanwhile, Mr Polepole asked the Police force to speed up the investigation regarding the death of one of its cadre, Mlelwa in Njombe Region.

He said the party is aware that Mlelwa was phoned for a meeting by some people who later kidnapped him.

He added that he was later found dead at Kibena, Bwawani in Njombe.

“The ruling party is asking the Police to investigate this matter as soon as possible so that all suspects could be arraigned, we are aware that some people have been arrested, but we want to see more action taken so that these kinds of brutal killings could stop,” he noted.

Polepole said the ruling party is not ready to take laws in its hands since it believes in true democracy, rule of law and regulations. 

He said there is a need for the Police to take immediate measures by investigating and revealing all the truth so that the public could be aware of the dirty games that are played by some politicians.

He added that in Songwe region, some CCM's councillors who crossed from Chadema had their crops uprooted and destroyed. "Today we say enough is enough, these actions must stop," he noted.


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