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Council warns candidates over use of provocative language

THE Political Parties’ Council of Tanzania has urged candidates from all political parties to avoid the use of provocative language in the on-going general election campaigns, saying it might bring about disunity among Tanzanians.

The Council’s Chairperson, Mr John Shibuda, cautioned parties on Friday in Dar es Salaam, saying candidates ought to know that multiparty system should not be used as an excuse for bringing about unrest in the community.

He said election period is a time when political parties compete on ideas that explain how they are able to overcome challenges facing Tanzanians, including availing social services to the public.

“Therefore all contestants should respect the multiparty system, whose existence is to promote democracy as well as encourage the wellbeing of Tanzanians. Any candidate should not be a source of national security erosion. As per President John Magufuli’s statement, the election will be free and fair” said the Chairperson, adding that the political industry is expecting every candidate to be a public relation’s officer who promotes a friendly system between the industry and security organs.

Mr Shibuda who is also the presidential flag bearer for Ada-Tadea party further warned that evil politics always burn solidarity as well as nationality of being the same nation.

He advised security organs to continue embracing professionalism so as to protect the inherited generations of the nation’s security.

The Chairperson also called on Tanzanians to attend the on-going general election campaigns and listen attentively to the aired policies, and eventually vote for the best leader who has courage and commitment to fulfill his or her promises.

“The voting day is a very important day for the betterment of the society and the nation in general. Failing to vote is to destroy the nation’s hopes of having leaders with patriotic qualities,” he said, stressing that citizens should remember that every ballot is a security guard and is a capital to benefit all generations, especially those under voting ages.

AS the announcing of election results continued, the ...


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