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ACT Wazalendo to throw weight on Cooperatives

AS the country continues to count down towards the October 28th 2020 General Election, ACT – Wazalendo has pledged, if elected, to create a friendly policy environment and invest in cooperatives.

The party believes that several cooperatives will be a tool for members to join social security funds, have decent housing and get access to health insurance.

In its 2015-2020 election manifesto, the opposition party said it will bring together farmers, fishermen and pastoralists before linking them with major overseas markets through their cooperatives and agribusiness traders.

It stated further that its government will ensure that there is competition between traders so that farmers can get the best price for their produce.

An ACT-Wazalendo government, it stated, will focus on further strengthening cooperatives to enable people to own their economy.

Moreover, the party’s government will eliminate exploitation by middlemen in agricultural marketing, by strengthening crop marketing information systems, using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that will enable farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumer online.

It further highlighted that where brokers are necessary for historical, economic and environmental reasons, their government will legalise and formalise middlemen.

The government will also be actively involved in crop protection and establishing a commodities exchange system, which will involve farmers through their cooperatives, according to the party’s manifesto.

According to the document, ACT- Wazalendo has launched the Tabora Declaration, aimed at motivating the people to take the reins of the economy and own the main production facilities.

Cooperatives will enable people to own the means of production, capital, distribution, marketing and profits.

The 62-page document further highlighted that by 2018, there were 10,990 cooperatives with 2.5 million members (equivalent to 5 per cent of Tanzanians).

These associations, especially SACCOS, greatly assist their members in obtaining small business loans, resolving emergency and social problems.

On ocean and ports, the ACT - Wazalendo government will use Tanzania’s geographical position, surrounded by many landlocked countries, to benefit economically and to serve other countries, with the main objective of making the country the main maritime hub in Africa and Trade and Logistics Hub in the Great Lakes region.

In addition, the government will develop and implement appropriate policies that will ensure that Tanzanians benefit from doing business with all the countries around her by eliminating bureaucracy in exporting goods to increase their income and foreign exchange.

In achieving this goal, the ACT- Wazalendo government will revitalise and sustain investment in the Bagamoyo economic zone.

The manifesto further states that the party will strengthen the Port of Mtwara to serve the Mtwara development corridor, which involves the Mchuchuma and Liganga project, and transportation of goods from and to Malawi and northern Mozambique.

Strengthening Tanga Port by completing Mwambani port investment and Kigoma Port to be able to handle cargo coming to and from eastern Congo as well as Burundi, and facilitate investment in fisheries ports to enhance deep-sea fishing to meet the target of $ 1 billion export revenue.


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