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Being president is not for trial-PM

CCM Central Committee (CCM) member, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said the presidential post is never meant for trial, insisting that its occupant must be a right minded person with elaborate plans to take the country to the next level.

Mr Majaliwa issued an alert during a campaign rally held at Sokoni Grounds on Thursday afternoon, where the residents of Hungumalwa and Ngudu in Kwimba District gathered to listen to CCM’s plans, programmes and pledges.

He told residents in the areas that CCM Presidential candidate embodies all the qualities of the candidate who suits to occupy the seat, as he has all along demonstrated unmatched leadership competence and ability since he assumed the highest post in 2015.

“Leadership is not for trial, it requires an upright person and one who will fight for the rights of marginalised people and the country’s resources,” he stressed.

“There will be a bunch of ill-intentioned people coming to ask for your votes and throw mud to everything good done by the government,” added Mr Majaliwa.

The Premier asked Tanzanians, irrespective of their political ideologies, to vote for CCM presidential aspirant, Dr John Magufuli because he has displayed outstanding performance in serving Tanzanians.

“When these people come here, you should listen to them, but if you ask them for their manifestos, they will tell you to visit their website. CCM’s manifesto is right here,” he said while displaying the CCM 2020 – 2025 Manifesto.

He urged them to make a wise choice when election day arrives, saying the people should vote for Dr John Magufuli for Presidency, the Member of Parliament (MP) and councillor.

“Avoid choosing leaders whose main agenda is saying no to everything relating to development issues and the national budget…I request you to vote for CCM for the three posts,” added the PM.

He, however, asked the people of Kwimba and Hungumalwa to vote for Shanif Mansoor as the MP for Kwimba, Bukaba Majoge for Hungumalwa Ward Councillor and all others vying for councillorship position.

In line to that, the candidate for Geita Rural constituency, Joseph Kasheku who was present at the meeting, requested the government to construct a modern market at Hungumalwa because the area is rich in lentils, green gram and cow pea.

AS the announcing of election results continued, the ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mwanza

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