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Investors in industrial sector hail govt efforts

INVESTORS in the industrial sector in Mwanza region have hailed the fifth phase government under President John Magufuli for creating favorable environment for their operations.

Speaking recently in Mwanza City, stakeholders in the sector said an affirmative action taken by the government to create favorable environment has largely brought about sector growth, contributing to attainment of the middle income economy.

The stakeholders in the industrial sector expressed their satisfaction recently in Mwanza City in an exclusive interview with this newspaper, where they said the industrial sector played a significant role in facilitating the attainment of middle income economic status ahead of 2025.

The management of Nyakato Steel Mill, which recycles solid waste into production of different types of metal pipes, said the support they received from government authorities has enabled the firm to improve production, including offering job opportunities to Tanzanians.

Following improvement in production, the industry has expanded services and they are distributing their products in all regions in Tanzania and in neighbouring countries around the Great Lakes region.

Human Resource Manager of Nyakato Steel Mills LTD, Mr Philipo Silvanus said they praise the fifth phase government for its support, which enabled them to distribute their products beyond Tanzania’s boundaries.

Head of Environment and Sanitation Department in Mwanza City, Mr Danford Kamenya praised the industry for their good job of recycling solid wastes, saying the area produces about 358 tonnes of waste per day, while only two tonnes are recycled.

Mwatex Textile Mills Ltd (2001) on their part said that through support from the government, they plan to begin production of wax clothes to stop importation of the product from other countries.

The Human Resource Manager of Mwatex Textile Mills (2001) LTD, Ms Janeth Mmari said that currently they manufacture khanga, vitenge and bed sheets using cotton which is produced in the Lake Zone regions.

She said production is good in their industry, and once they begin manufacturing wax, they will start exporting to other countries, which is why they plan to begin production to compete with products from abroad.

“We gin cotton because we have a gin which is working properly, and now we distribute our products in all regions in the country, that is why we want to start to manufacture wax clothes,” said Ms Mmari.

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Author: SULEIMAN SHAGATA in Mwanza

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