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No doubt on JPM victory – Lowassa

FORMER Prime Minister Edward Lowassa has assured CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli, of a landslide victory in the October 28 General Election.

Mr Lowassa made the statement in Monduli District, Arusha on Thursday during a meeting that was also attended by the party’s Central Committee (member) Mizengo Pinda, as they were campaigning for CCM candidates ahead of the October polls.

“There is no doubt that Dr Magufuli is going to win the election, but my concern is how many votes he is going to get… there is a lot of noise from opponents, but we have told our President to relax,” he said.

The ex-premier was confident that majority of Tanzanians are supporting the incumbent president on his bid to be re-elected for the second five-year tenure, due to his outstanding performance and courage to lead the nation.

Equally, speaking in Mwanza region CCM member of the Central Committee and Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, described Dr Magufuli as a hard worker, who has a strong commitment to see his country transformed.

On his campaign rallies in Ukerewe, Misungwi, Kwimba and Sumve constituencies, Mr Majaliwa said Dr Magufuli’s efforts to transform the nation are visible and easily translated in a number of development projects he initiated and implemented during his first term in office.

“We are all the witnesses of what has been done, Dr Magufuli has been able to initiate and implement development projects that have highly transformed our country,” he said, citing construction of infrastructural projects, revival of the national carrier-Air Tanzania and elec tricity projects.

Speaking in Misungwi, Mr Majaliwa said the government managed to improve the infrastructure sector to facilitate movement of people, goods and services, whenever they want to go.

The major objective of investing in infrastructure is to open up the country and provide multiple options to Tanzanians on their movements from one place to another.

“That is why we bought new planes, constructed tarmac roads, and Standard Gauge Railway as well as upgrading marine transportation,” he explained. Adding; “The SGR project is now being constructed from Dar es Salaam- Morogoro - Dodoma. It will later be extended to Tabora and Mwanza, so choices will be on you, if you want to travel by air, water, bus or railway.”

He said other projects that were implemented in various districts across the country during the first term of President Magufuli’s administration were on health, education and water.

Mr Majaliwa assigned the MP-elect for Misungwi constituency to work on challenges facing Misungwi residents immediately after being sworn in.

“The government spent a total of 58.8bn/- on renovation and expansion of water projects in Longido District (Arusha), Sengerema and Nansio-Ukerewe in Mwanza region,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa noted that out of it, 13bn/- was issued for water projects in Nansio town, where 10bn/- was for upgrading water supply that is now benefiting 108,653 residents.

Also 1.3bn/- was released for water projects that involved renovation in Irungwa, Nansore, Muriti/Ihebo,Chabilungo and Kazilankanda.

On the fishing sector, Mr Majaliwa said the government made tremendous efforts and cut down the number of nuisance taxes in the sector, in continued efforts to empower the lives of fishermen.

In the health sector, the government managed to construct a complete district hospital at a cost of 570m/-, hence simplifying availability of health services.

AS the announcing of election results continued, the ...


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