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CCM to rescue pigeon peas farmers

THE ruling party has weighed in the plight of pigeon peas farmers after the plummeting of prices globally.

CCM’s youth wing (UVCCM) Chairperson, Kheri James assured pigeon peas farmers here that the party will rectify the situation once it receives Tanzanian’s endorsement in the upcoming General Election.

Addressing a campaign rally here on Wednesday, the UVCCM Chairperson said the party acknowledged the value of the leguminous crop to Manyara farmers, further assuring that it features among the party’s priorities after October 28 this year.

“We are all mindful of how important the crop is to you, and we are concerned with your plight,” he said.

Pigeon peas farmers in the country have for long faced a dilemma, ever since India, which is the world’s largest market of the crop, suspended buying.

The South Asian country used to import around six million tonnes of pulses to India, a move that promoted the state of the crop and welfare of farmers in the country.

India’s demand of the grain legume is estimated to be between 230,000 and 240,000 tonnes, while its supply is 170,000 tonnes.

“The government will strive to ensure that we identify other potential markets for the crop for your welfare,” he added.

Compared to other legumes in the family, pigeon peas are a good source of protein. It is a healthy choice of food, considering its high fiber and mineral content and low-fat content.

On her part, Babati Parliamentary constituency candidate, Pauline Gekul appealed to Babati residents to reward President John Magufuli with another five years in the country’s top most office, saying there was a lot to be achieved in the future.

“What we’ve seen in the past term was just a drop in the ocean,” she said.

AS the announcing of election results continued, the ...

Author: MARIAM JUMA in Babati

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