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Get ready for sports philosophy to shape up soccer

TO become a good athlete, there are some things you truly need to ignore and be able to move abreast with the demands of the sport discipline you need to pursue.

Here, it means that you cannot easily achieve whatever you want if you remain static the way you are but rather, be willing to sacrifice and sometimes do things you never thought that you can do.

For instance, if you want to be a good pugilist, with an ambition to sparkle big on the international scene, then there is a lifestyle or discipline you should follow to reach your desired goals. There is a difference between becoming an amateur boxer and the professional one since the former is just doing it for fun but the latter has a purpose and vision on what he really would like to fulfill.

For the latter, definitely, he or she will try everything possible to follow what elite boxers in the world do or did to reach the peaks of their careers. Here, training hard is not the only solution to excel, but also, practicing minor things which might look unimportant, but are most often very essential.

The common thing that you need to change is the diet. Nutrition is very important to be observed by athletes regardless of the sport discipline one may have chosen but unfortunately, most people fail to reach far because of what they consume.

A sports person should always be watchful of what he or she consumes and most importantly, thrives to have discipline in whatever you eat. Here, do not think of only getting expensive foods but the common foodstuffs which are readily available at the cheapest prices are the ones needed by athletes.

Football players for instance are encouraged to eat food which is rich in proteins such as fish, beans and others because they help to repair body tissues which have been affected during the tense workout.

Also, bananas are advised to be eaten by athletes especially after a vigorous sport activity not the entire bunch of it but even one banana can do a wonderful job once consumed after the sweaty session.

Fruits are very important to those people who want to go the extra mile in the sport category they have chosen and frankly, fruits are everywhere in places that people reside hence, do not skip them but embrace them.

For those parents who want to see their children excelling in sports, they should always take a front seat in making sure that the type of diet given to their kids are always friendly to sport activities. Parents should avoid giving their children foodstuffs which are rich in sugar as this can easily lead to diabetes hence failure for them to achieve more in the game.

Proper healthy lifestyle should always begin at home where athletes are raised so that when they go out, eating discipline should never be abandoned by them and in a short term, this surely pays off. As already pointed out here that there are many essential foods which go along well with sports and are cheaply available hence nutrition in other words is simple to be achieved.

The other thing which needs to be noted is the level of fitness lessons given to young athletes who are still being upgraded at academies as they tend to be given more than what they can chew.

A good example is seen when children who are Under 15 years old are let to play using the same ball which is used by players trading senior football leagues, something which is completely wrong.

Balls are categorised into different sizes to suit a particular age group meaning that it is extremely important to take into account or else, instead of grooming the young players, their future will be ruined as they are exposed to things contrary to their ages.

However, all these uncertainties will soon be the issue of the past as the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) is in the final stages to establish the philosophy of Tanzania football which will help to address many challenges being experienced in football.

This was confirmed recently by the federation’s General Secretary Wilfred Kidao who reiterated that the final draft of the football philosophy will be made public soon.

“The procedures to have our own football philosophy are being led by the TFF Technical Director Oscar Mirambo with support from experts from FIFA and UEFA. “We also shared the draft with other respectable football coaches for the purpose to get their inputs and the contribution from them has been great such that now, we want to share the draft with our own coaches and stakeholders who understand our environment,” he said.

Kidao continued: “For a long time, people have been urging us to create the football philosophy which is now at a promising phase and the administrative committee of the federation has already blessed for this issue to be accomplished soon.”


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