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It’s vital to educate fans on seasonal tickets

THE seasonal ticketing system for three Premier League venues of Dar es Salaam is warmly welcome, from several challenges noted previously; broad education is needed to make the whole system productive.

From what was revealed by the National Internet Data Centre (NIDC) this week, seasonal tickets will be soon introduced for fans wishing to watch football matches at Benjamin Mkapa, Uhuru and Azam Complex arenas, all based in Dar es Salaam.

We insist on broad education as the majority of fans seem to be naïve of the system as evidenced through the Simba Day when NCards which were distributed to them free were either misused or tempered.

Since we have found the system to be very crucial this era when our Premier League is winning new grounds outside Tanzania, we as well take this opportunity to urge the football fans to have the tendency of buying tickets earlier than the match hours to avoid congestion.

We as well, besides advising the innovators of the system to educate fans, we would like to warn fans to accept the new ticketing system and use it appropriately.

As the innovators NIDC claimed, there are fans who have been caught trying to cheat on the system by trying to force entry in the pitch with used card while some of them have tried to share their cards with those who are outside, and all the time the system rejected them urging them to buy a genuine ticket.

The arrival of the new ticketing system sets a trailblazer of hope that our league is on the right track towards complete professionalism, from this we feel teams and players have also a part to play in making the system viable.

Players are indeed key players in the whole set up as what they display on the pitch attracts more fans to go to the arenas. We hope the seasonal ticket system will add a dimension to a highly competitive 2020/21 season.

We end up saying kudos to the innovators of the system as we again urge all teams, players engaged in the league to this as a positive note because our league is fast becoming among Africa’s high caliber leagues.

AS Tanzanians draw close to the voting day ...

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