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Simba head to see best from TSN newspapers

PLANS are underway to strengthen ties between Tanzania Standard Newspaper (TSN) and champions Simba as a move to promote sports and relationship between the two parties.

It was revealed yesterday during the club’s tour of TSN Headquarters in Dar es Salaam, the notable is how the club can benefit from rich archive of TSN, who produces Habari Leo, Sports Leo and the country’s oldest English newspaper, The Daily News which has been active for more than 90 years.

The Simba SC entourage led by the club’s Information and Communication officer, Haji Manara visited newsrooms of the three newspapers, held talks with reporters and the management of TSN led by Acting Managing Editor Januarius Maganga, who advised Simba to find better ways of benefiting from TSN archive, which is the richest.

TSN began operating since 1930 and has all what Simba (formed in 1936) recoded in its archive.

“We can prepare something that will later enable us sign a Memorandum of Understanding later,” said Maganga who also serves as Sales and Marketing Manager.

Responding, Manara showered praises to 'Daily News' being the oldest newspaper in the country that holds the club’s history.

“Simba being the leading club in the country with more Instagram followers we found it worthwhile to learn from the elders who are TSN as the 'Daily News' older than Simba for about six years.”

“It is important from this visit to learn and have an exposure of how media work but also build a strong relationship between TSN and Simba. As already mentioned Simba's goal is to continue growing and leading in the social media platforms.”

“But in order to develop further we must make ties with our stakeholders. As we all know our biggest stakeholders are the media. Along with many other things but the big thing is to learn how Simba and the Media can move together.”

Whereas it is positioned seventh in African list, despite the fact that it has been included in the top three African Clubs with more interaction in August 2020.

The management has also expressed its commitment to partner with the club in its growth but also restore the long club history which the national newspaper has held for many years.

The Daily News was the result of a forced merger of two papers. The Standard was first published as the Tanganyika Standard in January 1930 by the Tanganyikan East African Standard Limited. After the creation of Tanzania in 1964, the newspaper became known simply as The Standard.

The Nationalist was first published on 17 April 1964, as a government-owned daily.

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